View Full Version : Anyone have a set of front wheel well liners?

11/12/2017, 08:49 PM
I am looking for left and right front wheel well skirts. I can pick them up in the Denver or Grand Junction area or pay for shipping if you are in a state other than Colorado.

Please let me know if anyone out there has some they can part with.


11/14/2017, 08:32 PM
I have a set and all you have to do is pay for shipping from 84109 to you. Pm me your shipping info and i can figure out the shipping costs if you are interested.

11/17/2017, 02:12 AM
Kevin ordered a new set from From: IsuzuPartsCenter.com
Items Ordered:
Item: body hardware, fender, fender & components, fender liner Left
Price: $35.75
Qty: 1

Total (before taxes or discounts): $35.75

Item: body hardware, fender, fender & components, fender liner Right
Price: $35.08
Qty: 1

Total (before taxes or discounts): $35.08
Items Total: $70.83
Shipping Method: Ground Shipping
Shipping: $17.00
Handling Fee: $2.00
Order Total: $89.83

But I am still interested in buying yours too as mine are not in the best shape and it would be nice to have an extra set of them as they do take a beating. We are not in a big hurry to get them so if you are going to Moab this year I would like to get the set you have too if you are willing to bring them to Moab in May do you have the rubber flaps that attach to them to keep the mud out of the engine compartment? If you have them too we would like to buy those too.

Let me know if you want to wait and bring them to Moab in May and what you would want for them. We will have a nice big shop with storage where we can store parts and add to our collection of spare VX parts. We are going to be about 2.5 hours from Moab so if we compile a good parts inventory if might come in handy to have parts store close to Moab in case anyone needs parts.

Let me know what you think.
Chris & Kevin

11/17/2017, 06:11 AM
I most likely will have all of the items you are looking for. I picked up a totaled vehicross to swap the motor into the Proton I picked up from Joe in California.
I am in the process of pulling the transmission and motor from the vehicross and should have pictures and a better idea what's available Sunday. I'm sure that there will be more valuable items that will become available in the near future.
I'm good with holding and bringing any needed parts to Moab, and feel very fortunate to have an almost complete low millage vehicle with many good parts to share.
Its taken a while too get my VX put together the way I want, and it's almost finished, so Lizette and I will be there ready to play.

11/17/2017, 01:31 PM
Cool, one of our VXs was a salvage VX so it still needs stuff that is missing or broken the wheel well liners are just a couple of items we need. Now that I know you have lots of extra parts we will see what else we need and make a list of other stuff we need and if you have it I will buy some other stuff too. We are moving to Olathe CO at the end of the year and we have a 3000 sf shop with a big loft storage area so if you need a place to store stuff we have room for that too. We plan to have a parts collection in the new shop so if people need parts in Moab and they cannot get them shipped in it will only be 2.5 hours to go and get them if we have them. We also have 4.8 acres so we could store a parts VX on the property too if we want.