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07/03/2017, 12:12 PM
I posted this on the Facebook page but wanted to share it with everyone here. I am feeling out the level of interest for my 2001 Proton. It has approximately 112700 miles and has been garage kept and only driven on beautiful days the last 5 years. I have only driven around 2500 miles in the last 5 years but have maintained and upgraded a quite a few things. My plan all along was to keep my "Killer Bee" forever and that may still be the case. Oddly enough a few weeks ago I just considered selling it and my family is still asking me if I feel OK. Check list and more below. If you are seriously looking for a VX - and would like a Proton - this is one that may be at the top of your list. Any questions please let me know. Cant figure out how to attach pictures here. Message me - I have a bunch that I can share. I am asking 11k or best offer.

My VX is nearly all original with the Badging - added was a Magnaflow Muffler, new exhaust and tailpipe, a Backup camera, DC Converter on floor in the backseat (see pictures), All LED lights (headlights, taillights, side flashes, etc), new Sony radio with Sirius Satellite Radio, New front and rear speakers from Crutchfield, Roof rack, Rolla Basket, Skid plates front and back from Rudy, 4 new drilled and slotted rotors and brake pads installed around 750 miles ago (1 year), new caliper, wheel bearings and and I am sure there are a few more items I am missing. ** I have the original shocks, radio, brochure and more VX stuff that goes with the sale.

~Any service history records? In my 5 years, yes.

~How long have you owned it? 5 years

~Electric windows work properly or bind? They work very well - I had the occasional tightness but some tips from members - no longer any issues.

~Condition of window rubber track/gaskets...(many have ripped or been cut) - All good

~Look behind door panels to see if vapor barrier is present - (may indicate previous work on windows) Present

~Window regulator /motor been replaced? No

~SBC brackets ever installed on windows? No -(but I purchased them and are included in the sale)

~Any oil consumption noted, under ANY conditions? (some seem to consume a little when on prolonged highway driving) - I don't drive it enough to say 100% - but previous owner was a VX member and she had no issues - neither do I.

~Chrome wheels peeling? (many peeled on the inner side) Some peeling in the inside - zero on the outside

~ABS - Any ABS light problems? Make sure ABS light comes on when key is first turned to ON position. If not, could a problem and / or bulb has been removed. Note, many have disconnected ABS system, or never repaired it when it went out, and truck seems to function fine (just no ABS). ABS light is on

~OEM CD player still work correctly or ERR3 code? Any jammed CDs? Never used it

~Any problems with TOD? None

~Any clunking when decelerating or accelerating? None

~Brand & model of tires & approx. tread remaining- Pirelli (95% thread left)

~Do all 4 tires match in brand, size, model, AIR PRESSURE & wear? (TOD system will often make severe clunking noises if all 4 aren't pretty "equal" in all these terms) = YES

~How long have these current 4 tires been on? = APPROXIMATELY 3000 miles.

~Timing belt changed? No - but I purchased it from St. Charles Isuzu - brand new in the box (comes with purchase)

~Original OEM brake pads or replacements? Replaced

~Any fluids dripping, ever? No

~Last time & what fluids have been changed? Mobil 1 Oil Change about 500 miles ago.

~What type of fluids (synthetic oil or regular, motor oil, diff, tranny, transf case)? Regular

~Evaluate/describe condition of all cladding - scrapes, holes, deformation, dryness, chalky appearance, any evidence of being "painted" in any way? Excellent condition.

~Are all cladding screws present? Any striped? All present

~Condition of inside door opening handle/levers & mechanism (sometimes broken) - Perfect

~Any unusual /excessive vibrations - very subjective of course - no

~Any problems with motor mounts? - no

~Determine the history of the car's physical location, if possible (i.e. East Coast, potential rust, desert sun (UV), etc) - In New Jersey = garage kept

~Inspect thoroughly for rust!!
Any evidence of rusted bolts anywhere?
Is rear gas tank skid plate or tail pipe showing rust? = all good

~Status of front bumper reinforcement bar? (Often rusts off completely) - One of my projects a few years ago - it was in very good shape but I cleaned it up and put black weather condition paint on it

~Status of rear license plate light/socket/bracket -(often severely rusts) -will give indication if it was in a rust belt area = work
~Condition of paint - Describe. (fading, chipping, scratches, repainted areas)

~Condition of hood insert - Describe. (very often cracked) Perfect - see pictures

~Condition of plastic headlight housings - any crazing, fogged, cracked, etc...or been restored/polished, etc....(very often cloudy/fogged) - Very good (see pictures)

~Rubber headlight gaskets- present at all?, ripped, condition = good condition

~Evaluate engine bay- clean? dirty? Any evidence of leaking fluids (old or new) of any type?? Evaluate fluid levels. = VERY Clean (see pictures)

~Evaluate air filter- excessively dirty? OEM or after-market? Very clean

~Has muffler ever been replaced? What's the status of the current muffler? Rusted, surface rust, etc? OEM, after-market? (Since, as I understand it, these mufflers are no longer available, so an aftermarket one with some modification to the pipes may be required.) Magnaflow muffler and exhaust and tip installed = probably 750 miles on it - I have the receipt from the shop that installed

~Has it had to go through emissions testing recently? (Some states require for registration, some don't) - passed NJ

~Ever been lifted or torsion bars cranked? no

~Condition of CV joints? (Can be damaged after being lifted) Very good - never been off roaded by previous owner or myself.

~Battery- status, condition and age 2 years - perfect

~Any unusual flashing of any lights on dash or shifter? (Mode selection switch may be bad) = no

~Any odors inside, such as smoke? = Previous owner and myself - non -smokers

~Condition of leather seats...scrapes, rips, tears, wear, abrasion, driver's side seat bolster - very good

~Condition of center console padded armrest -(very often cracked and split where driver's elbow has rested on it) - Excellent

~Condition of leather steering wheel - (often heavily scraped up) - Excellent

~Condition of levers that bring seat back forward to allow access to rear seats (often broken) = perfect

~Does it have an OEM roof rack? = Yes (purchased from Sue - VX Kat)

~Are OEM rail caps in place and/or available? Yes

~Ever taken off road? No

~OEM or after-market tail pipe? Aftermarket - same shop that did the muffler and exhaust

~Status of tail pipe - any deformation may indicate off road use = perfect

~Status of rear lower cladding & rear gas tank skid plate- scrapes may indicate off road use - perfect

~Status of undercarriage overall - scrapes, damage, etc... may indicate off road use - perfect

~Any known repairs? no

~Any extra parts on hand? Original Radio and shocks are still with me = replaced with Rancho 9000 and SONY radio/Sirius - new front and rear speakers from Crutchfield.

~Any modifications done previously that have now been removed? Describe.