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05/17/2017, 10:45 PM
Hello fellow Isuzu enthusiasts,

I have to part with my 2001 VX because of engine failure, which is not repairable, only engine replacement is the solution.

So here are some stats:
202700 miles, Proton yellow color. Seats are grey/black, Rear glass is tinted black (originally)
Engine has failed (oil broke while on highway and the engine is stuck).
Has to be picked up from zipcode 96161. Local towers charge 90$ for load and 4$ per mile afterwards.

I have owned it since 2005, bought from dealership in FL, and brought to CA
clean title, never been in accident. Records are available.

Body is good, paint is fading and chipping in some places (hood). all plastic covers are OK (no cracks - just some fading). All glass is good, no cracks, no chips.

powertrain is good. Some work was done in the past (changed front differential, rear axles), Wheels are NOT OEM

electric windows are working, but have that infamous VX issue - need to guide them so they are closing properly.
Seats (especially driver one and the compartment cover in the middle) have cracks. But not peeling, no tears etc... - regular wear and tear.

I got an online quote from junkyard for 500$, but thinking to post to the forums first.
I took only two pictures leaving the car at mechanic.

Thanks for looking, ask any questions, I have to decide soon...

Mile High VX
05/18/2017, 06:31 AM
You should hit up the Facebook group also...sorry for your loss.

I sent your info to one of our members in CA that may have some interest.

05/18/2017, 06:55 AM
Hi Iligor

Sorry to hear your proton has died :(

I may possibly be interested, though getting her from 96161 to San Diego is a bit of an issue !

Do you have the pics you mentioned especially if they show interior condition and non OEM wheels
Can it sit where it is... for free.... for a week or so ?

Please contact me at ... JoFotoz@san.rr.com


05/19/2017, 05:24 PM
Thanks a lot all of you who replied, looked and made suggestions!

I found a new owner for this car! Its life is getting extended. A lot better than just being taken apart in the junkyard.