View Full Version : Has anyone changed there shocks?

11/16/2002, 09:05 AM
I am wondering if anyone out there has changed there shocks. I am thinking of getting adjustable shocks. I have a baby and live in NY so there are potholes everywhere, although i dont mind it, im sure the baby aint to pleased.Any comments? sugestions?


11/16/2002, 08:59 PM
The VXs shocks are a strong component of its character.

"The piece de resistance is a set of [KYB] 6061 - T8 aerospace-grade aluminum shock absorbers with external expansion chambers. The chambers keep the pressurized nitrogen gas separate from the damping oil, eliminating the aeration and cavitation that can occur during a prolonged offroad workout. They also keep the shocks cool. Isuzu is the only manufacturer to fit such exotic shocks to a production vehicle. The parts work as advertised...." - Car & Driver, April '99

IMHO changing shocks will improve the VX like plastic surgery and hanging out with chimps helped Michael Jackson's looks. ;)

Airing-down the tires some will dull handling, but will yield a softer ride for baby (& mamma).

11/17/2002, 12:39 PM
Those that have lifts will have changed out there shocks. They should be able to help with an opinion. I agree with Bax though, the shocks are a good aspect of the VX. Some have had trouble, I for one have not (Knock, Knock). I've cavitated other performance shocks (In my sports car) while being on the road only and the VX shocks do exactly what they promise.. They help keep the wheels on the road.
I did notice a ride quality difference when I sold my '99 and started to drive the my '00. I believe it's the lower profile tire albeit on the 18" rims there is much less "Jounce" in the ride. That may open a a new option for you..

11/18/2002, 06:13 PM
Thanks for the info on letting some of the air out of the tire , Ive tried that and helps a bit but with all the potholes im scared of runing my rims. Like I said i dont mind the ride and I love the handling which is why i would prefer an adjustable shock so i can still drive the way i like to when im alone. As for the 18 inch rims, I would love to get them but the ones i want are $6,500 and cant afford that. also i dont want to ruin the real milage on the car due to diffrence in odometer readings with the difffent tire sizes.


:) :(

11/18/2002, 09:09 PM
If you went with a larger rim you can easily match total diameter much like Isuzu did. The diameter of the tires on the 18 inch rims is the same as the 16's due to the lower profile.. Just fud for thought

11/18/2002, 09:24 PM
Yup - 245/70-16 = 29.5" diameter. 245/60-18 = 29.5" diameter. Your stock tires have nearly 7" of sidewall. The limiting factor for airing down on the street will be handling, NOT rim damage - unless you hit a curb straight-on at 20+MPH.