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08/12/2013, 08:31 PM
Planning on buying Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ tires on fuel octane 18x9 wheels. I'm not 100% sure on offset yet or which tire size to pick, I've been pondering between the 275 and 305/60r18. Plan on buying in a couple weeks and will be sure to add pics, because everyone loves pics. Also thinking about a calmini 3" lift to accommodate the tire size increase. Let me know what you think, input on size/offset also appreciated as always, thanks guys/gals.


08/12/2013, 09:02 PM
If I were you...

...I'd forget the Calmini lift and go with OME ( Old Man Emu) coils
and a T/B crank...followed by allignment.

For OME coils call Indipendant 4x4..ask for Matt


Tell him your were sent his way from here.

It will save you BIG $$$$'s...

...and works just fine.

Nothing wrong with the Calmini kit...but IMO its overkill.
I've done both calmini & simple coils, T/bar crank..
...and wouldnt use a 'kit' ever again.

Put the saved money toward diff drop brackets instead.


08/13/2013, 07:08 AM
I wasn't planning on a diff drop on the 3inch lift. Should I reconsider that? I just figured the calmini kit would be nice since it comes with everything all the brackets/extensions and what not. I just finished doing an ome spring and Rancho strut lift with my buddy on his rodeo, it rides nice. Hm....still debating if I'll go calmini or Rancho/ome but I still think if my budget allows Ill try calmini just to be different. I'm probably looking at saving around $200-300 I assume if I go Rancho/ome.

08/13/2013, 10:57 AM
A diff drop is a good plan on a 3 inch lift.

It restores the CV's / shafts to a better, less sharp ..more OEM angle..
....and will help with CV boot longevity.

You will likely find that your CV boots tear pretty soon after the lift
as they have "assumed' a given angle, and the new angle will stress them.
Doesnt always happen..but often does.

I dont know what the Calmini kit costs these days...

...but a set of springs is under $200 shipped.

If its the full Calminin kit with shocks, its pretty expensive ( $700 ish?)
The shocks are good IMO..I still use them...they can be purchases alone.

Your original x-member is fine.
The Calmini brackets/x-member/extensions etc are good.
.......but really not required.


08/13/2013, 12:01 PM
The previous owner of mine installed the CalMini lift kit but didn't like the ride so removed the components from the front (kept the rear) & did the TB crank. Just wanted to give you another data point for your decision. I'll second Jo's recommendation. Go with the OME springs & put the savings away for the diff drop.

The rear track bar extension linkage could be nice ... but only if the lift shifts your rear axle to the side (it has happened but not sure if the track bar was to blame).

08/13/2013, 12:41 PM
Thanks for the tips guys. I'll consider a diff drop, is independent 4x a good source for that? I think the cal kit is 600-700, springs are about 200 and a set of struts is similar so about 400-500. For a $200 saving I'm not so sure yet when considering the extra components (even if they aren't needed :) ) any more thoughts on the wheel/tire combo?

08/13/2013, 01:17 PM
The diff drop is a custom thang. Member Joe Darlington can set you up.

If you go CalMini, keep us posted on how you like it.

If you don't do the diff drop right away, keep a close watch on those CV boots. If one tears, don't wait ... replace it immediately. You don't want to replace those 1/2 shafts too.

08/13/2013, 01:39 PM
Absolutely no reason to get the Calmini lift kit. All the additional parts are not needed, but can be purchased separately from Indy4x at a later date if you want.

But yes after a spring lift and torsion crank (2-3" suspension lift) a 2-3" diff drop is the next most important thing. After that adjustable lower links would be #2 most important (to correct pinion angle and decrease driveline vibration on the highway).

Then after those mods the optional bits in the Calmini kit are next, but not required.

08/14/2013, 07:14 AM
Any idea how much the diff drop would cost to get? Also the calmini kit is priced at $590 so....it's fairly close to what it would cost me to get struts and rear springs. Anyone see any issues running 305/60r18s under a 3 inch lift (18x9 rims)? I've been playing with the tire calc I've found searching around the forum but it's hard to compare with the idea of a lift in there as well. Still worried about picking the wrong offset and backspacing. Thanks again for the input guys.

08/14/2013, 07:15 AM
Also I'd use the search more (diff drop) but for some reason my phone doesn't agree with it right now.

08/14/2013, 11:01 AM
Joe charges $200 for the diff brackets & $100 for the crossmember. I think he now has a core charge as well because nobody ever sent back their originals (I feel for him ... I still have at least 3 sets floating around out there).

08/14/2013, 12:24 PM
If I do a 3inch lift should I go with a 2inch diff drop? I feel like a 3inch drop defeats the purpose of the lift, or am I mistaken? I'm newer to the 4x4 game.

08/14/2013, 12:40 PM
Diff drops won't effect the suspension. It just lowers the front pumkin so that the CVs are level again (basically just compensating for the lift you just installed). 2" diff drop is enough and most are happy with it. I can't remember if the ones that Welder Guy did were 2.5 or 3". We lowered it as much as possible before getting into interference with components in the steering.

You won't lose any appreciable ground clearance with the diff drops. The pumkin will still be above the crossmember. If you drop the crossmember too, then you'll lose some but not much & if you hit sumpn on the trail, the best thing to hit it with is the crossmember anyway.

Here's a pic of mine:


08/14/2013, 03:21 PM
Thanks for the info!