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Bill Brown
08/10/2013, 05:06 PM
Bought my '99 Ironman, new, in '99. Now runs better than when new and has improved MPG. Knock on wood, never experienced any operational issues beyond the common windows-off-track problem. Never had them repaired, just leave them up/closed all the time. They don't leak or anything. Some years back, the CD player jammed. Removed the player and used the space for an iPod adapter, which worked perfectly with the iPodnano 1st generation. However, the adapter does not charge the iPodnano 6th generation I'm using, now, but it still plays tunes just fine.
Can't think of any other tech issues. Even though I drove a few thousand miles off-road in Texas, I still get asked if it is a new model. The ole VX looks great, inside and out.

For years thought about making the road trip of a lifetime. I was going to drive from Texas (now from California) to Brazil to visit friends, there. Had Belizean neighbors that made annual road trips to Belize from Irving, Texas. They said I could tag along to Belize, but I never got up the nerve. Nowadays, there is no way I am driving south of the border with all the drug related extreme violence.:whiteflag: I am too curious to stick to "safe" routes, even if any exist anymore.

frakkin toaster
08/12/2013, 12:33 AM
congrats, good to know that these things were built to last...

cant wait to get a vx one day...tho it will be for my wife. she may let me drive it on sundays.

btw, im in tx and wouldnt dream of driving within 200 of the boarder lol.

Bill Brown
08/12/2013, 09:59 AM
...wouldnt dream of driving within 200 of the boarder lol. Hard to believe in the early 90's I'd frequently explore Baja California in my new '90 Isuzu Trooper. Sometimes I'd park just north of the border and bicycle around Tijuana to avoid the traffic back into the U.S. Met some nice folks and learned some handy Spanish. Ah for those good ole days...