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09/29/2012, 02:46 PM
I'm getting new rims and tires for my '99. I currently have the stock 245/70R16 on stock rims. I'd like to move up to a 17" w/ Guard Dog 265/75R17 or 255/75R17. The 265's come in 10ply and the 255's in 6...is there any benefit to the heavier ply for average use? I haven't lifted the truck yet but if I did my math and research right I hope I have the clearance with a 17"x8 rim w/ 4.5 backspace and 0 offset.

Any input is appreciated! Have a great day!

09/29/2012, 07:05 PM
Well I might be able to help.... I currently have two complete sets on wheels and tires for our vx. I will try to give you details.... more of opinions than tech data.

1st set... 16x7.5 (oem zu) & Dunlop Mud 265/75 R16 (probably 6 ply std)
2nd set.... 18x7 (oem zu) & Dunlop Max Traction Mud 275/65 R18 ( 9 or 10 ply)

future set 275/70 R18 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R (9 or 10 ply)

The 10 ply tires are designed for big Chevy like duellies, much heavier vehicles.
I have put almost 50K on the set of 5 (2nd set), I had them balanced two weeks ago. Average tread depth was 15/32, barely any wear. I run about 40 psi on the street, drop down to 22 in the mountains.

09/30/2012, 06:44 AM
Sounds like the 10 ply might be the way to go for tread wear. 40psi? The 10 ply set I'm looking at go to 80psi...I figure they might ride a bit rough but they do look good!

09/30/2012, 08:56 AM
My tire dealer tried talking me out of ordering in the 10 ply tires couple years ago. They told me it would be harder ride. I don't really see or feel it. The 18's ride about the same as the 16's do.
For a big truck you would run Higher PSI, Our 18's max out at 90 psi, the 16's are std max out around 60 psi. I was told the higher the ply, the more psi max. Even at running half the max psi, the tires don't wear eneven.
hopefully this opinion helps
goood luck

keep us informed.

I will be moving our 18's to our chevy Avalanche.... making room for the future set to be ordered over the next few months.


10/10/2012, 06:25 PM
My 33x16's are 10 ply. The dealer set them at 40 psi (max is 80 psi), I have since knocked them down to 35 psi. They ride better than the stock tire on an 18 inch wheel.