View Full Version : Exhaust pipe size, Reverse Bulb Type, and Euro side blinders.

10/30/2002, 12:17 AM
Okay... I'm about to take the dive and get the PV muffler. Would like to replace the boring stock exhaust tip too. Question is, anyone know off hand what size the exhaust piping is? 2.5"? or is it 2.25"?

Also, I'm finding the back up lights to be quite dim. Thinking of replacing the bulbs with brighter (higher wattage) ones. The owner's manual neglected to list the bulb type. Anyone know what it is?

And the side (fender) blinkers on the Japanese spec VX's... are they surface mount or do the fenders have a slight indentation for the blinkers? I thought someone said on vmag they're the same as the ones on the Miatas... but not sure. One of these days (when I hit the jackpot?) I'd like to have a set of clear or tinited front side markers made properly... not like the shaved down less than OK fitting ones clearcorners.com had. So much to do... so little $.

10/30/2002, 05:45 AM
I believe the stock exhaust piping is 2 1/4

as for the reverse lights:

1156 Halogen
50w Single Filament Light
Part Number - 20106 Single Pack / 20105 Twin Pack . Ask Scott at MONCHA about these.

The lense you mentioned for the miata fits the VX but it is for the rear side markers on the VX not the front. No options for the front "side" markers aside from clear corners.com or paint them up with night shades transparent tail light paint for a blacked out look.

Hope this helps


10/30/2002, 10:59 AM

I think he means the round turn indicators on the Japan VX between the front wheel arch and the leading edge of the door...

They are the same as the Miata's. But they're mounted into a "hole" cut into the fender. I've ordered a pair for another forum members.

10/30/2002, 03:22 PM
Whoops .... my bad :rollo2:

The miata part I wrote is true just doesn't apply to your original question for the side markers. Guess I misread the post at first glance :)

10/30/2002, 10:44 PM
LOL. Side blinders... I meant side blinkers.

Lack of sleep and typing never seem to work out well.:D