View Full Version : any jdm vx's for sale?

frakkin toaster
02/07/2012, 12:17 AM
just joined & looking for a vx. noticed this jdm section for parts & what-not. so does anyone here own a jdm vx that may be for sale? i already own a jdm supra so, the whole rhd would be no problem.

thx in advance

02/07/2012, 02:03 AM
How about Importing one?
This one looks good (at that price!) Probably never been off road (that mileage equates to 100k in miles)
AND you get the 2wd option as standard on the jdm's which is a real gas saver.
Even with shipping etc .... not bad!


02/07/2012, 03:19 AM
I have a JDM :)
There's 2 in Japan at Alibaba.com


frakkin toaster
02/08/2012, 09:43 AM
:thumbup: thx guys for the links...

...i may go this route if i cant find one local. i have one jdm car alread & plan to get either an fd or r32. btw, here is my intro i posted in the noob section incase you missed it.

hello, im robert. i live near cresson, sw of the dfw area. joined up to learn more about these & to access the for sale section. started looking for a vx this month for my wife. ive always wanted one. looking to get either yellow, gray or silver in great shape. need to stay away from black or red...dont want to spend most of my time cleaning it :p also non-smoking is a must!

dont know much about them so any tips in what to look for would be great. i would like to buy local if possible, but have bought 2 cars off ebay. so as long as the seller is trusted & shipping is fair, i have no probs.

as for my other rides...

93 jdm mkiv surpa ht
00 ws6 t/a
05 swb x-runner
05 ninja 636