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09/29/2003, 12:49 PM
This started about 1 week ago: When I use the remote to arm the alarm and lock the doors I can hear the normal beep and the alarm is actually armed, but locks will stay open. It's doing this 90% of the time. The remote will open locks w/o a problem 100% of times, though.

I have also noticed the passenger's door lock button sometimes won't work regardless what position the driver's side lock security button (the one that prevents the power lock button to be used in the passenger's side) is in. Driverís lock button works just fine.

Has anyone experienced these symptoms? What could be going on here and how could this be easily fixed?

Odd enough, several small, annoying problems (Window regulator, A/C blower fan resistor, CD player Err3 code, now this) have been appearing one after the other right after my warranty expired. Out-of-warranty curse?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.

09/29/2003, 04:04 PM
This happens when the connector to either door switch gets loose.

Grab the front edge of the panel holding the window switches, and swing it up. Unplug the connector to the switch, and reconnect it, this should solve this.

John C.

09/30/2003, 12:04 AM

Are you insinuating that the dealer may not have properly re-connected the switch when they replaced the window regulator?:eek:

By the way did you ever get the luxeon 5 watters to work for extended periods and if so, how?

09/30/2003, 01:28 PM
Mines doing it to.... :( and i've never had problems with the windows, and the dealer has never been inside the doors.

10/12/2003, 04:06 PM
Hey Hotsauce,

I'm sorry I couldn't reply earlier. Since I worked on the doors 2 months ago, based on your suggestion I took a look at the connectors in both doors. They looked fine but I unplugged and reconnected them again. Door locks & remote have been working fine since then.

Yet another proof of how valuable and useful this forum is :thumbup: -specially without any bumper-to-bumper warranty left.