06/01/2010, 11:15 AM
Have expanded the "New Buyer" or "Seller" checklist:

~Any service history records?

~How long have you owned it?

~Electric windows work properly or bind?

~Condition of window rubber track/gaskets...(many have ripped or been cut)

~Look behind door panels to see if vapor barrier is present - (may indicate previous work on windows)

~Window regulator /motor been replaced?

~Any oil consumption noted, under ANY conditions? (some seem to consume a little when on prolonged highway driving)

~Chrome wheels peeling?

~Any ABS light problems?

~OEM CD player still work correctly or ERR3 code? Any jammed CDs?

~Any problems with TOD?

~Any clunking when decelerating or accelerating?

~Brand & model of tires & approx tread remaining-

~Do all 4 tires match in brand, size, model & wear?

~How long have these current 4 tires been on?

~Timing belt changed?

~Original OEM brake pads or replacements?

~Any fluids dripping, ever?

~Last time & what fluids have been changed?

~What type of fluids (synthetic oil or regular, motor oil, diff, tranny, transf case)?

~Evaluate/describe condition of all cladding - scrapes, holes, deformation, dryness, chalky appearance, any evidence of being "painted" in any way?

~Are all cladding screws present? Any striped?

~Condition of 4 screw knobs on rear door panel (often break off)

~Condition of inside door opening levers & mechanism (sometimes broken)

~Any unusual /excessive vibrations - very subjective of course

~Any problems with motor mounts?

~Determine the history of the car's physical location, if possible (i.e. East Coast, potential rust, desert, etc)

~Inspect thoroughly for rust!! Any evidence of rusted bolts anywhere?

~Status of front bumper reinforcement bar? (Often rusts off completely)

~Status of rear license plate light/socket/bracket -(often severely rusts) -will give indication if it was in a rust belt area

~Evaluate engine bay- clean? dirty? Any evidence of leaking fluids of any type?? Evaluate fluid levels.

~Evaluate air filter- excessively dirty? OEM or after-market?

~Has muffler ever been replaced? What's the status of the current muffler? Rusted, surface rust, etc? OEM, after-market? (Since, as I understand it, these mufflers are no longer available, so an aftermarket one with some modification to the pipes may be required.)

~Has it had to go through emissions testing recently? (Some states require for registration, some don't)

~Ever been lifted or torsion bars cranked?

~Condition of CV joints? (Can be damaged after being lifted)

~Battery- status, condition and age

~Any unusual flashing of any lights on dash or shifter? (Mode selection switch may be bad)

~Any odors inside, such as smoke?

~Condition of leather seats...scrapes, rips, tears, wear, abrasion, driver's side seat bolster

~Condition of leather steering wheel - (often heavily scraped up)

~Condition of levers that bring seat back forward to allow access to rear seats (often broken)

~Does it have an OEM roof rack?

~Are OEM rail caps in place and/or available?

~Ever taken off road?

~OEM or after-market tail pipe?

~Status of tail pipe - any deformation may indicate off road use

~Status of rear lower cladding & rear gas tank skid plate- scrapes may indicate off road use

~Status of undercarriage overall - scrapes, damage, etc... may indicate off road use

~Any known repairs?

~Any extra parts on hand?

06/01/2010, 04:58 PM
Nice work and time well spent. Moncha needs to put this on the downloads or How to's.

06/01/2010, 05:47 PM
I'll figure a good place for it... I'm going to lock it for now If you have anything to add, PM Sue and she can update it.