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VX Monster
10/10/2002, 04:00 PM
Well, one problem with this new forum is that you have to decide where to put your post. Is it in the right place? Will people see it? There's no clear sub-forum for "questions" or "idiot questions." I'd like one of each, please.

In the meantime, I've got some quesitons, and I'm posting them right here, dammit. Try and stop me. G'head.

I've just done some research through the archives on the old forum on fog lights and driving lights. Yes, I posted this there, too. Let's see what gets answered first. ;-)

First, I'm trying to get the difference between driving lights and fog lights. I've been told that fogs are low, wide, and close, and driving lights are narrow and farther. I can understand why the fog lights are good - cast light without incurring glare off the fog or snow - so can someone give me an scenario of when a fellow would want driving lights?

The second issue is mounting: I'm thinking of putting them in the holes in the nose flanking the license plate. Does anyone have any opinions (or actual information would be even better) on whether blocking those holes will be an issue?

Lastly, I saw some posts about fog light laws. Does anyone know if there are fog light and/or driving light laws in Illinois? Wisconsin?

Thanks all.

Reg Hinnant
10/10/2002, 06:14 PM
OK Steve. Saw your post on the other forum also. Will answer here.
I have combo driving/fog lights mounted on a brush bar because I wanted physically large lights that have a more useful light out put.
I use my driving lights to add to the light pattern from my low beam to the hi beam area (when I have my brights on). They seem to fill that area with more light extending my sight range. I'm seeing more animals on the roadside that would not be lit up with only my high beams. I have to travel a lot at night for work so I do use these the most and feel that the money was well spent.
I have used the fogs driving in the rain & fog and like the additional light. The best use I have gotten out of them was coming down a mountain on an extremely rough narrow trail, at night, with it raining. They lit up the rocks better than any other lights I had and made the decent a little less scary.

I don't like mounting them in the holes and therefore used the brush bar. My opinion is there is not enough air intake area so why block some of it up.

10/10/2002, 07:37 PM
Many people confuse the difference between fog lights and driving lights. Some people even believe that they are the same. The basic difference is that fog lights are designed to place a wide pattern of light directly in front of the vehicle and driving lights are designed to place light further forward than the vehicle’s high beams . A fog light beam pattern extends well out to each side of the road often illuminating the shoulder. The beam doesn’t extend any further forward than the area illuminated by the vehicle’s low beams. Fog light lenses can either be amber or clear. One of the main advantages of fog lights is their sharp cutoff. The main reason why it is difficult to see while driving in the fog at night is due to the light reflected back from the fog. A sharp cutoff helps to reduce the amount of light reflected back at the driver.

Driving lights serve a different purpose. They are intended to provide lighting further forward than the area illuminated by a vehicle’s high beams and are intended for use on clear nights. Most often, these lights don’t have a cutoff. The lenses are usually clear, but I’ve seen some unusual colors.

Reg Hinnant
10/10/2002, 08:40 PM
I'll add this in addition to my 1st post.
There are various types of "driving lights". What I have are called "driving assist lights". Their light pattern is wider and shorter than the long pencil beam pattern of a true "driving light"
I have 85W high beams and the 85W "driving assist" lights put the same amount of fill light behind the far reach of the high beams instead of out beyond them.
Kinda hard to explain but I feel more comfortable traveling at night with them

Simon Templar
10/11/2002, 11:35 AM
Posted by VX Monster
Well, one problem with this new forum is that you have to decide where to put your post. Is it in the right place? Will people see it?

Ahhh...but you miss the point. If, when you first arrive at the vehicross.info homepage....or at the forum top page....if you click on "View New Posts" it doesn't matter which forum the messages are in. You will get all the new messages regardless of forum.

The nice part of the separate forums is that ...when desired....it allows one to browse those messages pertaining to a specific topic. Hence, one needn't trudge through a million posts about Uwharrie when what you're really wanting to see is pictures of different replacements for the OEM radio stack.

Much more flexible than the Vmag setup!!

And a bang up job, Scott!!!