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07/30/2003, 05:54 PM
So after my shortblock horror story with Carmax/extended Warranty I just recently traded in my 99 for a 01... Now, I live in Texas and this car is originally from Michigan.

Before I purchased the car, I checked underneath and noticed some slight rust. Now I understood cars from up north tend to do this due to salt usage, so I figured no big deal - right?

Well, after a o2 sensor extravaganza with my dealership, I got a chance to completely look under the car while it was in the air. Not a pretty sight. Some pretty decent rust in some parts, however almost non-existant in some others. The disks/rotors were pretty rusty, as well as every single bolt I saw. The Muffler didnt look in too good of a shape either.

Now, my question is this. How can I clean the rust and stop it? I read another post about using hot water to clean.. Ok, but what can I apply that will actually STOP the rust from spreading, or at least slow it down so it's not a liability for at least several years? (short of buying completely new parts?)

How much of a concern should it be having a vehicle thats gone thru two winters up north? I have no clue if it had been protected, but it has moderate rust under the car in general. Is this a real safety concern? Should I be looking at just completely replacing these parts even with silght rust?

The warranty doesn't cover the rust due to it's origins. So anything done is totally out of my pocket.

Thanks in advance guys...

07/30/2003, 06:30 PM
Sounds like some one has been playing "IN" the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not even polit eenough to wash it off after

07/30/2003, 06:37 PM
No sweat! Been through this with my Trooper RS which came from Boston. Yike! Think I'll stay here where all we put on the road is possum! In any case, go to Eastwood's (http://www.eastwoodco.com) and order some Oxisolv spray and gel. The gel is really nice since it sticks. If you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS this stuff works great. I'm beginning to think I should be a spokesperson! LOL! They also have a handy little spot sand blaster that works fantastic on stuff like bolts and such you don't want to remove. This little blaster has a cover that goes over what you want cleaned so you don't put a beach in your garage. Anyway, blast the stuff you can't wire brush, use the Oxisolv or a spray cold-galvanizing compound. After a few days and everything looks good throw on a self-healing undercoat.

So for about $100 and some of your time you can save your VX from the brown creeping death!

07/30/2003, 10:49 PM
Another product called POR (paint over rust) advertised in Hemmings. After scraping / wire brushing loose rust paint this directly over it . Supposed to stop rust by sealing out oxygen and I believe there was some statement to the effect that exposure to water is actually good for it. I've seen it applied to the undercarriage of a retired Caprice squad car . Black and glossy.

07/31/2003, 07:04 AM
My father's company makes a product called Stop Rust. Its made by a company called Cantol. It works well...I have 2 coats on my under body. It dries to a shinny black color. You can paint over it in 24 hrs. You apply it by brush after getting rid of the dirt and big chunks of rust. Here is the kicker...it's $300 for a case of 12...



07/31/2003, 03:15 PM
Thank you very much to those of you who actually posted HELPFUL responses.

I feel much better about this situation now... Anxiously looking forward to trying some of these solutions...

07/31/2003, 06:50 PM

I personally recommend this product.

John C.