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07/13/2003, 11:28 AM
I just got my VX back from US Van in Tigard, Oregon. They modified the interior so that my VX is now able to seat seven passengers.

I have created the new acronym "VX-7" to describe my vehicle.

I think they did a wonderful job - they even matched my custom purple interior... To me, this vehicle is now the perfect vehicle. Not too big, not too small, can go off road, drives like a sporty car, etc.

I also installed five new cupholders - so I now have a total of six.

See my pictures here:

7 Passenger VX Pictures (VX-7) (http://www.vehicross.info/gallery/showgallery.php?thumb=1&stype=2&si=tiggergreen&cat=500&perpage=12&sort=1&ppuser=91)


07/13/2003, 12:04 PM
Great job! Not much leg room though.

07/13/2003, 12:15 PM
No, there isn't much legroom for the last row. But it is enough for two carseats (which is what I need it for). The second row didn't lose much legroom as the new seat is not as deep as the original.

Anyway, it fits my family perfectly. The only other option was to have to sell the VX and buy an old 7 passenger Mitsubishi Montero (114,000 miles, 1995) - so I am pleased that I was able to solve my problem and keep my awesome vehicle.

Brent ;Db;

Jess (wife)
Cameron (11 - son)
Kaitlyn (10 - daughter)
Ariel (4 - daughter)
Tristan (3 - son)
Xander (1 - son)

07/13/2003, 09:29 PM
Better slow down with the kids or you'll be trading the VX in on the Partridge Family bus!;eekb; :rotate:;eekg; :rotate:;eeko; :rotate:;eekp;:rotate: ;eekr;:rotate: ;eeky; :rotate:

07/14/2003, 08:24 AM
Wow, that's a unique idea! I couldn't imagine such a small vehicle being converted into a minivan! :D I love mods like this, very original IMO.

Do me a favor - take the roof off so you can take one of those cool top-view shots that manufacturer's always have in the brochures.... ;)

(like this)

07/14/2003, 08:50 AM
Excellent job making maximum use out of the available space to suit you family needs. The color matching is superb. Looks as if your family loves it :D

07/14/2003, 09:09 AM
Thanks for the kind words, everyone...

With a nickname of Tigger, I guess you could say that I am a child in an adult's body... I love kids - especially the 5-17 age span. I know, I know - I am a bit strange in that area.

We absolutely love the new seats in the vehicle - my kids are a lot happier as well. In the past, we were forced to squeeze kids in and some couldn't have seat belts - so that was a big worry. I have two vehicles that are four-passenger... Our minivan was repossessed after we had a nasty downturn in finances last year. So I have almost lost the VX several times. Looks like I can breathe now - we most definitely can keep the vehicle.

Next to get installed is a DVD system so that the kids will be kept entertained on long trips...


07/15/2003, 05:47 PM
You might want to think twice about putting your kids in that back seat or anyone else you want to keep around. Even a small rear ender would be tragic. Just a thought.

07/16/2003, 09:06 AM
What I find crazy is that they even FIT! :)

I have a Honda del Sol, which is pretty tiny, and it's wheelbase is actually 1.5" longer than the VX... that blew my mind. Overall length is also pretty close, the VX is almost 5" longer (but that includes a few inches for the spare). And the del Sol is a tiny 2- seater! So I'm amazed that you have 3 rows of seats in a similarly sized vehicle. I can't comment on safety, not much experience with accidents (knock wood).

07/16/2003, 03:47 PM
There have been people on this board that have been rear ended. In none of those cases was there any intrusion into the cabin. An accident will be nasty no matter what the circumstances. I feel pretty confident based on the fact that the VX is built on a strong truck frame. If someone has some pictures or other data to refute my beliefs, please post them here.

Besides, US Van does this kind of customization for a lot of vehicles and road safety is a big deal for them. They wouldn't put a seat in rear-facing as they said that was a big safety problem.

I would also like to point out that I now have seat belts for all occupants instead of just four - so I feel a ton more safe knowing that they have seat belts. An occupant that is not tethered down will have some major injuries in an accident, no matter what the car.


07/16/2003, 04:35 PM
I think it is great - my kids are demanding that it be done to ours.

07/17/2003, 06:36 PM

Did you re-paint your VX ? I do not recall any "blue" Xvs imported into US. I believe Japan had this color not US.

I have a table with all (?) VXs imported into US and none was "blue". There was ONLY ONE imported "perl". I wanna see that ! Who has it ???

07/18/2003, 06:47 PM
I had my VX painted blue from top to bottom... I do not like the look of stock cladding... I used to have pictures on one of my old sites, but I need to get around to posting them to this site.

The Pearl was at Isuzu Headquarters in California - I'm not sure who purchased it.

Brent (1999 Blue VX-7)

07/19/2003, 06:48 AM
Why not move the second row seat forward a bit? It looks like it's mounted exactly where the stock back seat is, and there's plenty of legroom in front of that one...

Interesting modification. :)


07/21/2003, 03:21 PM
The second row was moved up a little - I guess that is unclear from the photographs. So the second row passengers lost a little legroom. But I didn't want to lose too much legroom in case I ever needed to transport some adult like creatures...

Also - if you look at the floor of the VX, there are two lips on either side. The current seat is bolted at the far tip of these lips - there is no way you can go any further without a lot of complicated modifications to the floor...

What is really cool about this mod is it gives us a lot more luggage room in the back in five-passenger mode. Today, we put a full-size microwave oven in the original box into the back with no problems...

Now I just need to get a nice cargo box for my roof rack for seven-passenger mode...

Brent (1999 VX-7)