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07/11/2008, 07:28 PM
Hi to you all, I've had my eye on the Vehicross for a couple years but not until now did I decide it was time to buy. My 2 biggest concerns were that I am in Canada(no service or parts) and I do a lot of heavy offroading(hard to justify for a nice low mileage vehicle)Anyway I decided I would get something with a little higher miles, it doesn't have to be mint cosmetically(it will see it's share of rocks and rivers anyway) but needs to be good mechanically. What I am asking for in this forum is what to look for, I heard of engines quitting at a very young age, I've heard of TOD cases quitting, jerking etc. Now I am mechanically inclined and don't mind minor stuff, but are the vehicrosses so bad that everyone is avoiding them??? I have just talked to a member who has a Vehicross listed on Ebay which would work for me, could anyone tell me if the problems that he experienced with it are the norm (ie. oil usage 1-2 quarts between changes, new transfer case at 30K, EGR valve stuck(oil burning)Your replys are greatly appreciated.

07/12/2008, 01:45 AM
Hi its no good using the forum as a guide to the reliablity of the Vehicross - mainly because you are only going to see post's from people who have problems and who are asking for advice or help - its almost unheard of for people to join a forum to praise the vehicross
with the whole range taken into account both in Japan and the US they are very well made and very rarely have any problems

07/12/2008, 09:14 AM
Bought new in 2002 no oil except for oil changes, ne mechanical problems except for a rear axle leak at 58000 which I am taking in to get fixed on Monday as it is covered by warranty

07/12/2008, 06:57 PM
If you are looking to join the vehicross community- welcome!!

I hope to provide a little bit of info and tell you a few things to think about when purchasing the VX.

1. only a 5 year 60,000 mile powertrain warranty is transferable from owner to owner. Only the lucky guy or gal, that bought it as the first owner only gets the 120,000 10 year warranty.

My VX has 97,000 miles on, and it is my daily driver. I have to put 1 quart of oil in after about 2,000 miles from oil change to oil change and i get my oil changed every 3,000, and only have started to need to do that this year. I wouldn't follow the 5,000 mile oil change interval that is listed in the owners manual. check ALL fluids at regular intervals, and replace as stated in the manual. My transfer case was shot when i bought mine at 50,000 miles 3 years ago. I had no idea it was bad until i took it to an Isuzu dealer and they checked it on the computer. the only sign i had was that my center consol would get very hot, but i didn't learn that that was a sign until after the replacement. luckily it was under warranty and they replaced it at no charge to me. the transfer case alone was $2,000. i have no idea what it was with labor. wheels are steel with chrome. the crome comes off and your wheel rusts. I had to replace them as well.

I don't seem to have any engine or transmission problems. the transmission kinda clanks into place as you move from setting to setting, but goes through gears pretty easily and smoothly. Look for a 2000, or 2001. 2001 had a better climate control system, and 18 inch wheels... which makes for a limited selection or tires, but stands a little higher off the ground. But you could always get 16 inch wheels and get a wider selection of tires including a tire with more sidewall and not worry as much about "curb rash". I almost replaced mine with 16's but i was told by the tire/wheel dealer not to deviate from the original specs. I'm sure there is someone on this forum that can guide you on wether that's true or not, but i liked the 18's, and went with AR Fuel wheels.

I'll say it. This has been the most expensive car i've ever had to maintain. If you are mechanically inclined it might not be so bad. I have found a great body/auto parts store on-line that has Isuzu parts in stock and at great prices-CARPARTSWHOLESALE.COM. I will admit this as well- I love my VX.

there are other things to consider, and i think other members on this forum will help out with questions you may have. Shocks are something to consider. i think the extremely pricey stock shocks are better than most aftermarkets, including the Rancho's, which i have and hate.

I hope this helps you. I'm sure i'll think of more stuff, but this is a good place to start. Good luck in your search.

07/13/2008, 08:21 AM
slight correction, the 2000 and 2001 are the same, climate control, 18 inch wheels.

07/13/2008, 04:34 PM
Have had mine for 6.5+ yrs, and the only problems I have ever had have been from damage I've caused offroading. I still believe this thing is a tank. I've sheared tie-rods, grenaded diffs, submerged my alarm unit, my oil pan has a baseball size dent in it...etc.

When I put on the street tires, she rides like new (re: bumpy :) ). I have never had to add oil, the cladding still cleans up nicely, she still takes off from a stop when I get on the go pedal, even after 68K miles and 40 offroad weekends.

The biggest negative you'll find offroad is the IFS, but if you're cool with that, I say go for it. You won't be able to go really hardcore, but I've done double and triple blue trails (levels 5 and 6) with a little help and no damage. With lockers and extra skidplates, you'll be ready to roll that thing over in no time. ;)

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47b7ce31b3127ccec2016446f25b00000010O00CcOGrhqycMQ e3nwE/cC/f%

Good Luck!