View Full Version : Spare Tire - I know a full size is ideal, but what else...

06/08/2008, 08:29 AM
I know a Full Size spare would be ideal. But I'm afraid my rack won't accommodate a 33" tire (Thule 695) So I'm wondering if a 31X10.5 would work, without upsetting the TOD (too much) even if it's installed on the rear.

What if the opposite side tire was aired down a bit?

I'm mostly talking about on trails when I'll be in 4-lo anyway, not TOD...

The Freeway driving If I get a flat, I'll probably not have a spare on me (unless I'm going more than 50 miles from home. Most I drive is about 20 miles to my parents house. I'll always have a plug kit on me, and a portable Compressor, or mini air tank.

What are you guys doing? I don't want to have a spare on my top all the time... And inside is even worse.

What to do.

06/08/2008, 08:54 AM
You could try airing down (zero psi, or less, if you can figure out a way to create a vacuum to less than zero:smilewink) a spare 33" to compress it enough to fit in the rack, then air it up as needed.
A 285/75 on a 16" rim might give enough "crumple zone" on the taller sidewall to make this work.

Also, if you have two different diameter tires on the rear axle, you will be creating undue wear on the LSD clutches.:_wrench:

06/08/2008, 07:20 PM
Maybe I'll go with something like this instead. When I can't tumble the rear seats.


This would be cool if it wasn't a million dollars.

I just don't know :( Should have bought the large Rack... My bad.

06/08/2008, 10:34 PM
pretty cool, i'm thinking something like that would be pretty cool.. although the step bar i have on my tow hitch doesnt stick out far at all and ive hit that a couple times offroad.. which is when i would really need that tire to be firmly attached to the vx

06/08/2008, 10:51 PM
Or you could just tug one of these (http://adventuretrailers.com/trailers.html) behind the VX with the spare on top!