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04/20/2008, 11:58 AM
Hi folks,

What with changing jobs and tying to sell a house I haven't really been around over the past couple of months but things are settling down a bit and I can start thinking about playing with (rather than repairing) the VX.

To start off the summer I've been invited to go on an off-roading trip to Wales in May with my boss, on of my colleagues and a couple of their friends. As a result I'm trying to make sure I have the off-roading basics covered. Bear in mind there will be 3 Land Rovers (2 x S3 Lightweights & 1 x 90 V8 Hybrid) and a Pajero so they look on the VX as "a bit plastic'y..."

I've got my eye on a set of mud tyres (although the VX is running on BFG A/Ts) but I'm being recommended to fit a fan cutout switch for the, erm, wetter bits. Have any of you guys done this? Bear in mind mine's a 3.2 JDM...

Apart from ropes and strops can you folks suggest any other prudent modificatons?

Cheers in advance,

Alan :bgwo:

04/20/2008, 12:11 PM
Since you have no list of mods in your profile, I don't know how much prep you've done so far, but a lift, rock sliders (rocker panel protection), & skid plates come readily to mind.

Haven't heard of anyone having probs with the electric fan going flooey because of water...IIRC, it is only in play when the A/C is on. (I may be wrong on this)

What I have heard of before, is the alternator getting fubar'd because of it's low mounting position & the fact that it doesn't like to ingest dirty water.
It's the waterborne dirt etc., that causes it to fry, more than being wet.:_wrench:

04/20/2008, 12:42 PM
Is your primary fan on the 3.2 an electric fan? If not you will have to replace the entire fan to accomplice a cut off switch. I second what Dub said above. Dub the reason for cutting the fan is for deep water crossings...less chance of blowing water up into the engine compartment...intake...hydrolock!
I have a feeling your Rover buddies are going to be quite surprised when your VX outperforms them on the trail!:bwgr:

04/20/2008, 12:59 PM
[QUOTE=Triathlete;124835] Dub the reason for cutting the fan is for deep water crossings...less chance of blowing water up into the engine compartment...intake...hydrolock!QUOTE]

I hear what you're sayin' Billy.
IMO, if you're in deep enough for the fan to be acting as a water wheel, you're just asking for trouble...:smilewink

But that's just me, I usually avoid deep mud puddles cuz I hate cleaning all the crud off of the underside.

04/20/2008, 03:05 PM
Hi, I'm sure that on the 3.2 JDM the radiator fan is viscous (temperature controlled), not electric.
You would have to unscrew it,remove it - and fit an electric fan and switch for manual control...

04/20/2008, 11:39 PM
The electric fan on front is thermally controlled. When the radiator fluid gets hot enough it kicks on to provide additional cooling until the fluid temp drops to acceptable limits, then kicks back off. It operates independently of the AC, but would come on more with the AC on due to the additional strain. Go buy an electric fan off of ebay and throw it on there. You should be able to mount it in addition to your standard fan and just run a switch into the cabin. Then you can just disconnect your stock thermal fan when fording water only, and have the option to run your extra fan when you know you will be heating up the VX(like when you are about to climb a hill). I know for a fact you can mount 2-12" electric fans on the radiator, but you have to remove the stock fan and adapt the center mount between the hood latch and the lower frame(easy to do). The stock fan is only 8"-10", so throwing a bigger fan on is good stuff.

04/21/2008, 01:18 PM
Cheers folks...

Yeah, the front fan is viscous. I'm going to aim not to get in that much water, I think. I'm nowhere near the snorkel stage!

Will have to fill in the "mods" bit of the profile, although there's not much. Underbody protection and rock sliders are "on the list" but with no "aim for" date ;-)

Cheers, as ever, for the advice.



04/21/2008, 01:46 PM
Might wanna think about undoing your sway bars for the off road parts.
havent tried this yet myself...but I'm assured its worth it for a bit extra movement.

Also...pack several tunnocks waffers...bottle of Irn bru...and a cheesy piece..:p