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06/11/2003, 03:14 PM
Ok, this has been posted before (by me) in the other FORUM (http://club.vmag.com/ubb/Forum39/HTML/003314.html) , but I am still interested and a little uneasy on this issue.

I would like everyone who purchased the SC kit from Alpine to post here and let me (and everyone else) know if you too have the ticking\clicking noise coming from the SC. It's hard to state exactly when it happens, but it seems to happen more when the engine is warm and you can hear it when the pulley is moving (when in drive)... at idle and when taking off from idle, though it usually goes away when you pick up speed.

I remember John (Featherfoot) stating he was working on a fix for those of us annoyed by the sound (me), which he states as being a very small clearance on the splined driveshaft in the nosecone (which he states as nothing to worry about. If it is really nothing to worry about, then I have no problem with it. The thing I worry about is that if there is a small clearance, and a clicking noise, will this eventually cause some sort of wear and tear?

Sorry about the anxiety, but I don't want an expensive piece of equipment to poop on me, especially with no warranty (which still doesn't make sense to me).

06/11/2003, 09:57 PM
What? No one else with an SC is hearing this noise? Maybe it was fixed with the newer batch of SC's... you know, the ones that actually came with the warranty. That would figure.

06/11/2003, 10:03 PM
I had the first one and then they swapped it out with a new one, neither of them made any unusual ticking noise, Check the tension pulley or the bearing in the SC, both items went out in my first SC.

06/12/2003, 03:15 AM
yes, I have the noise, it sounds like its going to fail at any time. I was assured it was not a problem, just like our warranty was supposed to be.......

John C.

06/12/2003, 05:56 AM
There is a rattle at idle that goes away at about 1000 RPM - that is normal. Ticking I have not heard. Have you checked the fluid level?

06/12/2003, 07:56 AM
I checked the fluid level and replaced the fluid with GM Supercharger fluid. The noise is documented as being a known noise by John Finnell and a few other owners in the thread in the other forum (link above).

Some people have it, some don't. Some say it is normal and there is nothing to worry about. Then, John says there is a fix for it. Can someone exlpain the reason for the noise and how it is nothing to worry about?

06/12/2003, 08:41 AM
get old of whoever is left at Alpine and tell them you want a replacement nosecone with the sealed bearing. It's a good improvement.


06/12/2003, 11:09 AM
Dallas, you are the only one mentioned with the clicking in the other post but thanks for the direction. A rattle is more common than your clicking but it basically noise at idle that goes away when the RPS rise - some have it more than others. Call Alpine and see if they have a fix for you.

06/12/2003, 12:15 PM
I think in the post on the other forum, myself, Scott (ScottinMA), and John C (Hotsauce) are all referring to the same clicking or rattling noise. Maybe it is more and less aural for some or all owners, but it just makes me think of things rattling... even a little bit... that don't need to.

I have emailed someone from Alpine that has contacted me in the past about this. As soon as I receive a reply I will post any findings here.

06/12/2003, 02:26 PM
Does Alpine have a phone number? I'd call. Emails are too easy to dodge.

06/13/2003, 09:20 PM
I've got a funny rattling noise coming from my blower too. I can reproduce it by setting the brake firmly (and blocking wheels) then applying about 20% throttle at the throttle cable. Since I can't hear it at full throttle/maximum load, I figure it's not a problem. Makes me a bit nervous, just the same.


06/14/2003, 09:00 AM
Dallas4U et al.
If you take a long metal rod like a screwdriver and place one end on the nosecone and the other end on your ear things really sound interesting in there. The mechanic that installed my SC noted the noise coming from the SC and used this technique to get a better "listen" on the issue. If there is a "fix" or replacement on this noise I would REALLY appreciate being notified.


12/17/2003, 02:47 PM
Sorry, old post... but I was just looking around on the net, and something caught my eye.

Although I have been told by Alpine (and others) that the rattling noise I have been experiencing from my SC is probably the bearings in the nose cone (having bought one without the sealed bearings, obviously). I'm wondering, though, if it is a possibility that it could be a loose snout coupler? (hence THIS (http://www3.sympatico.ca/aepa/blowerinstall.html) page).

It may take a while for a snout coupler to loosen, but this guys problem sounds very similar to the one I (and a few others) have been having/had.

Anyway, just a thought.

12/23/2003, 07:35 PM
OK, I just ordered a coupling from them. I'm gonna be the guinea pig for this thing I guess.


John C.

12/23/2003, 08:14 PM
Standing by for your results. I'm tired of wife and friends making fun of my rattle.

12/23/2003, 08:16 PM
20K miles of rattle on mine and no problems. Call Magnuson if you want a second opinion as they are the manufacturer of the unit.

12/23/2003, 09:15 PM
The rattle *IS* the problem.

John C.

Jay Dunford
12/24/2003, 05:36 AM
Originally posted by Hotsauce
OK, I just ordered a coupling from them. I'm gonna be the guinea pig for this thing I guess.
John C.

Be sure to take lots of pics. I had Alpine send me a new nose cone a couple of months back, nd from what I saw, he shaft in the nose cone is geared and goes directly into the blower drive gears. The nose cone is lubed via atomization of the oil in the blower (no separate oil res. like in Dallas' link.) I don't see how there could be a coupler in there also. I didn't take the front of the blower off to see since the nose cone can be changed without draining the oil and I didn't want the hassle.

After the install I still had the chattering, just a little quieter and different pitch. Alpine has assured me, and others, that this is acceptable so I guess I'll keep on truckin' and see.

12/24/2003, 06:32 AM
Not sure what rattle noise you guys are talking about but mine has no such noise, I notice that the front of mine is different than yours, is mine a newer cone?



12/24/2003, 08:06 AM
Supposedly, the newer kits have "sealed" bearings in the nose cone, as opposed to floating ball bearings. I have actually read that the rattling in the nose cone is very common and shouldn't hurt anything, as this is what Alpine said as well... of course, they sent me a replacement nose cone, too.

I'm thinking of buying a coupler as well, just to rule out any present or near future rattles or problems I may have when getting the new nose cone installed.

01/14/2004, 07:28 PM
Well, the parts arrived. 2 bottles of GM SC fluid, the new coulper, and a suprize, a set of allen wrenches.

The wrenches were the wring size for the cover bolts, but one fit the filler plug perfectly. I put it in, and put some leverage on it, the wrench(china) twisted up. Oh well, its the thought that counts. I removed it with my snap-on sockets.

removing the gear cover is quite simple, just remove the belt, remove all the socket head cap screws,a nd pull the cover off. You do NOT want to pull the rotors out. I cleaned everything off, used gasket sealer on the faces, and reassembled it with the new coupler. The old one didn't appear worn much at all, but the new one is deffinatly beefier.

I changed the main serpentine belt while I had things apart also.

I started the engine up, and.... the noise is still there! So, although ZZP was quick in sending out the parts and all, this is not the solution to this particular problem for us.

John C.