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12/10/2007, 01:40 PM
I have always been jealous of people when they say they are taking their auto to "their mechanic" - meaning they found one they can trust - does the job right and for the right price. Since I have been driving I have been looking for the same and now as of Saturday I found "my mechanic"
This might not sound too important but to me I am pretty durn excited to have finally found one that I can trust and is VERY reasonable.

IndianaVX - You might be pretty interested in this guy, he is in the pekin - paoli area.

He is also a metal fabricator and an off-road enthusiast = We got some plans in the future for the IronMan.
First - Diamond Plate undercarriage, but first he is going to coat it with extra anit-rust stuff
Second - Probably will be done the same as as above diff droppage.....
Third - Will have to wait for funds and research = SAS
More to come......

I only found this guy becuase I needed Saturday morning repair - Friday night all of a sudden my passenger side front wheel sounded like it was about to pop off. There was constant loud grinding noises. Ended up my inner bearings were chewed to crap. There were metal flakes everywhere when he took off the hub. The cost for repack clean and such $50.

12/10/2007, 01:54 PM
No doubt that a reliable & trustworthy mechanic is worth his weight in gold. I haven't been able to find a one stop shopping mechanic that can do everything but I have found an exhaust guy, a front end shop, axle shop and a general mechanic that are all fantastic but the last one is kind of pricey. Needless to say that since Pep Boys FUBAR'd 3 brake jobs on me, they'll never touch another one of my cars.

Good luck. Hope it holds out.