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11/26/2007, 04:17 PM
Ahhh, the annual hot rod show/super swap meet/old man nirvana. Like Barrett Jackson meets Burning Man. The sale venue is at the Daytona racetrack, the fun spills over into several areas.....impromptu car show every night in a supermarket parking lot.....Lambos racing Shelbys out on cr.301.....1940 something-or-others everywhere.....superchargers whining....rears whining and clunking around turns. Did I smell Nitro??? Yes I did. Damn!! Well, this year I came home with an eighty-eight Mercury station wagon. Perfect, 44,000.....leather....giant 390/4barrel....headers...SS dual exhaust....staggered wheels and tires...9 in Ford rear...absolutely as new in and out (sadly, I think it already has a buyer....I really had visions of a totally inappropriate paint job, and a big ol' blower sticking out the hood) And I scored an old Sunoco fuel pump....back when it had a handle and dial on the side, to chose your grade. It went from "cheapskate" 86 octane, to "No Knock 94"....all the way to "So you bought the Corvette, huh?" 104 and "You gotta be on your way to the track" 110!!!! We still have four stations that sell 104 (this is a racing town after all) but for the 110, you gotta go to the airport these days. I fed the big, black Merc some very pricey 104, slapped some "spare" plates on it, and left double black line calling cards all over Palm Coast....like any good 50 something juvenile deliquent:cool::p

11/26/2007, 05:27 PM
88 as in 1988? All I can think of is slab sides and woodgrain vinyl. Post a pic!

11/26/2007, 05:53 PM
Yup...slab sides, crappy plastics, but no woodgrain contact paper. I was thinking good customer/parts runner, but all the octane and testosterone in the air gets you, and next thing you know, you're buying Eaton blowers and thinkin' George Barris:o Like I said, it doesn't matter....Jon the painter has pretty much spoken for it already (never fall in love with inventory a wise man said;))

11/26/2007, 09:04 PM
What you really need to get for over there is a '58 Edsel Bermuda. Now that's a head turner! Or you could go a little more mainstream with a '57 Nomad, maybe a Cal-styled '60 Nomad if you could live with 4 doors. ;)