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10/27/2007, 01:40 PM
where or how my old high school gets the cars they work on in auto-tech class. But even when I was still attending and to this day they have multiple Isuzu's parked in their possession that they work on in class and use for demonstration. There is an equal number of Axioms and Rodeo Sports.
The reason it caught my attention a little more this last time I passed, is becuase I noticed one of the Axioms was not wearing its normal rims. The closer I got I realized they were the 18'' VX rims. Of course my fiance and her friends just did not understand why i thought it was weird but really.....There are multiple Isuzu's that my school uses for their auto-tech vocational class, many are Axioms and the Axiom that was still on its wheels and tires had the 18'' chrome VX rims.

10/27/2007, 05:24 PM
They were upgrades on Troopers and Rodeo's...probably the same deal with Axiom as well