View Full Version : what Rancho 9000 settings are you at?

06/06/2003, 02:47 PM
For those of you that have the adjustable rancho 9000 dampers, what setting have you found best for front and rear.

I just installed mine on full soft and the front has the caddy float going on. Will go half way and test.

Thanks for any info.

06/06/2003, 02:59 PM
Keep us updated on how you like the shocks, I plan on buying some in the near future, once I get a lift.

06/06/2003, 04:25 PM
i keep mine on around 7. I also have the remote kit so when i know im going on a bumpy road i just knock i t down to 1.


06/06/2003, 06:59 PM
I never understood shock settings. When the road is bumpy, should the shocks be hard or soft?

I feel like the stock shocks are a bit hard, so I thought on bumpy roads it should be softer. Correct? Or am I totally confused...

06/06/2003, 07:43 PM
This is my theory:

Bumpy road - softer for comfortable ride
Smooth road and/or curves & twisties - harder for higher performance driiving
Off-road - harder to prevent bouncing yourself off the trail

But I don't even have all of my ranchos yet, much less installed.

06/09/2003, 03:24 PM
Well i finally got all 4 installed. i tried 3 clicks from soft on front and that was still too soft for bumpy road. still had cadillac float going on. so with all 4 installed i set at 5 clicks and i would say that is close to factory feel. Keep in mind im in detroit where the roads are very rough. i suspect on smooth roads i would want stiffer for better handling.

I think i will really like them once i get them set to the correct balance for handling/rough roads. my crx had 5 ways and it was great because i could tune car to slight oversteer by setting shocks.

Here is a picture of our fine roads in detroit. of course there are better roads but you have to be prepared for multi-pothole-patch roads!

http://www.716detroitave.com/8mile014.jpg note the steep incline also!

06/09/2003, 03:32 PM
By the looks of the roads... I am amazed that Detroit hasn't had a citizen uprising. What the hell are they doing with your tax dollars? Or do you and your neighbors not care? That looked much worse than San Francisco, and the roads are really bad there.

06/09/2003, 03:35 PM
And I thought Alaska roads were bad! That road makes Alaskan roads look like an Arizona freeway! Do you see many skateboarders around? ;)

06/09/2003, 06:10 PM
we import our roads from third world countries so they can upgrade.

I heard on the news last year that it was going to take seven years to fix the roads here. By the time they are done they get to start over....i think there is some pocket lining going on here.

06/09/2003, 06:35 PM
There is some serious pocket-lining going on. About a decade ago, one of those investigative shows on PBS - like Frontline - did an investigation on road building tech in the USA and abroad. They found that in the USA there was a huge installed base of old tech machinery and a small number of companies. In Europe, they used new, leading edge tech where the roads were often spec'd to last 15-20 years. But, because of the small number of companies and their financial contributions to local politicians, there was no pressure on American companies to invest in state of the art road tech. So instead, the same old fully-paid-for-a-dozen-times-ofver stuff from 50 years ago keeps getting used, the company owners get rich, your local politicos get their share of the spoils in soft money and other ethically questionable forms and we all pay for it in excess taxes and wheel/suspension damage.

06/09/2003, 07:09 PM
Detroit doesn't make enough money to re-do their surface streets because their "tax base" is low income or no income families, that and we have to pay for Kwamee's parties at the Mansion! Actually that road wasn't bad, some of these potholes can swallow up an 18 incher in a heartbeat.

Maybe we can do a Michigan meet and just stick to the roads, it would be pretty hairy, but with a winch you should be ok.

Auto, what were you doing slumming anyway, I didn't know you cake eaters ventured out of Royal Oak! ;Db;

06/09/2003, 08:16 PM
i use to take this road to work when woodward was backed up because of rain or snow. for 2 years i would drive to old gm building area down woodward or second/third street. i saw some crazy sheot(this road just being one). there is a house on 3rd that has razor fence on the back yard fence. there are empty houses(i think they are) that people have removed the brick so there is just a wood shell. about every other place is burnt out. I have seen piles of trash higher than the vx and longer than 2. when they evict they EVICT!

Here are some other cool things I saw in my adventures driving to work. http://www.716detroitave.com/detpics.htm

06/10/2003, 12:47 AM
A sorry state of union. Just sad. Makes you wonder why Iraqis are more worth saving with that going on in our own backyard. We all like to think great things when we think of our country... but when you see the ugly side... it's hard to see the difference between it and the things we point to when we speak of other "lesser" nations.

Had my interview today with the Oregon Lottery... it amazed me and disgusted me how nice the office building was and how many nice cars were in the employee parking lot. I saw at least 5 prestine show condition hot rods. All this while the state ranks #1 in unemployment. Ironic.