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10/20/2007, 09:00 PM
Okay...not just yet. But, when I do my SAS (again not yet) I plan on doing away with the TOD. This way I don't have to worry about the sensors. A few questions for all to ponder...

Do the TOD and ABS sensors (yes ABS will go to, don't like it when off roading) have an affect on any other systems? Will they interfere with the ECU, do they send it a signal for anything other than TOD and ABS?

Anyone have any ideas as to what Transfer Case will bolt up to our 4L30E tranny. Things to keep in mind is availability of low gears, possibility of twin sticking (this is just a luxury not necessity). I know our tranny is shared by other vehicles. Do they use the same bolt pattern, etc.?

So let the brain storming begin!

10/21/2007, 08:35 AM
You may very possibly (probably) have to have a custom wiring harness made (or do it yourself if you're truly talented) for just the reasons you mention. It is often easier to change things out as an entire system. Maybe take the opportunity to lose the tranny too. Graft in the whole drive-line...modified GM truck...Jeep...whatever, match-ups become less of an issue, and some electrical/electronic gremlins will be avoided. This is the reason, all our "Frankenstein" vehicles are carbureted and ABS less. Getting the ECU to talk to other peoples parts can be frustrating.

10/21/2007, 09:41 AM
Take a look at the '04 Axiom as it has a dashboard switch for the TOD with modes for 2WD and "OFF". The TOD unit itself and likely the computer are different, but it could give you some insight. As for the ABS just do like BMW does and put in a switch. You could wire it inline with the ABS fuse so you could turn it off when wheeling. Better yet, use an illuminated DPDT switch so the warning like won't come on either but you'll still have a reminder that it's actually off.

10/21/2007, 01:17 PM
TOD??? We don' need no stinkin' TOD!!!

10/21/2007, 03:12 PM
Joe, part of the reason I want to do away with the ABS is to prevent the relocation of the sensors to the donor axle.
So it sounds like the ABS and TOD sensor signals may need to talk to the ECU for other vehicle/engine systems?
No talent here Chopper...would definately have to sorce it out or need some assistance in that field.

10/21/2007, 06:25 PM
Ah, gotcha. In that case I'd ditch the 4L30E altogether as it's borderline in stock configuration as is, and there are so many other options out there. When we had the '04 Axiom (I know I keep coming back to that) I really liked the Aisin slushbox as it was much beefier, plus the selectable TOD was nice. Of course if you drop the TOD a whole new world opens up... ;)

10/21/2007, 07:44 PM
I like my auto tranny. So lets go one step further...what other auto tranny's will work with our engine? Not that I really want to change the tranny.

10/22/2007, 06:52 AM
Here is another interesting theory-:p

Have you ever noticed that most independent sus. vehicles- especially cv jointed ones usually have a "differential box" with cv's connected to it, and ours has a "hacked" front axle with cv's bolted to the ends? Also, our front is the rear of the old troopers. This is all leading up to my thought- What if an old trooper rear axle was used again, but this time hacked only enough to install steering knuckles like the front of a true solid axle front 4x4. The difference being that all of the "extras" could be incorporated into it like ABS sensors, matched gears, multilink to match the rear, etc.

If I were doing this major of a hacking, I would run that Richmond 6 speed manual with custom gearing available, and I think that twin stick NP transfer case bolts to it? Hmm...:rolleyes:

10/22/2007, 11:12 AM
Since our tranny is used in some jeeps and other vehicles (or so I've been told on other 'Zu boards) the NP cases may be an option. It will just be a case of finding one that has the same bolt pattern that may be mateable.
As far as the front axle, I will be running a D44 from a wide track Waggy...close to the stock width and has the same lug pattern, plus a lot of aftermarket.

10/22/2007, 11:44 AM
Even if not, I have used some of the Advanced Adapters stuff to run a small block in a Jeep, so from my experience their stuff is better than stock as far as modern, tolerances, etc. I used their Chevy to Jeep aluminum bellhousing which was made better than anything from the '80s. lol