View Full Version : VX's are they or aren't they Cop magnet's ??

10/19/2007, 04:28 PM
The reason I am asking is I have been pulled over like 3 times in the last 3 months, every time with a half-assed warning about something really minor.Yesterday, the cop pulls me over for speeding and then admits the school bus was going as fast as me, meaning even the school bus was with the flow of traffic as I was. The mofo made me late for work though. He even said something about my 8 in LCD screen, and it is illegal if in plays video, It does but I said it dosen't. Truthfully, I never use it unless I think I might be stuck waiting a long time parked somewhere. But I do have surround sound in there, and Empire strikes back was awful cool when I had to camp out for tickets once in the VX.But do any of you get an extra look (because of the VX you suspect) from the fuzz?

10/19/2007, 05:34 PM
yea my vx seems to attract a bit of attention.. been pulled over a few times... granted one of those times i would have been pulled over in a toyota camry.. i was HAULIN.. but other than that ive been pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign:rolleyes:... once for not having my overhead lights covered:rolleyes:

10/19/2007, 06:43 PM
i have actually never been pulled over in my VX. i used to get pulled over all the time with my other cars, but i have sped by many cops and been like "aww S@!%". but the cops never chased me.

10/19/2007, 07:57 PM
I'm usually a fairly "agressive" driver - average around 85 (when not in rush hour traffic) in 55 MPH zones, and have only been pulled over once for speeding (speed trap in south Georgia - was in a line of 11 cars all going the same speed, all got pulled over). Of course, here in Atlanta I've had cops pass me while I was doing 85 in a 55, so my experience is probably not typical. There are so many fast cars here that I don't think the VX is too unusual, especially with so many rice-rockets (kids trying to recreate scenes from "the fast and the furious").

-- John

10/19/2007, 11:43 PM
they dont bother me,knock on wood and i go by them all the time beatin down the block and they never come after me.

10/20/2007, 05:03 AM
ive been caught speeding twice.....both times in the vx. all my parking tickets are also in teh vx. i call the vx my cursed car.......

10/20/2007, 08:08 AM
Dude, I'm with ya. Since moving to Reno, I have been stopped thrice and ticketed twice.


10/20/2007, 08:13 AM
Most of the police I see do stare as I drive by, but I've never been pulled over in the VX. And not that I do much speeding in any of my vehicles any more anyway, but I consider the VX my "Leisure Craft", so I'm usually taking it pretty easy when I drive it anywhere.

10/20/2007, 11:52 AM
I was at a red light and a cop turned left on the green and stopped at my drivers window, he proceeded to say the usual "nice car... never seen one..."
We chatted for less than a minute - cool. Was even more fun when the light went green halfway through our conversation and no one made a peep or honked a horn, even though we were stopping traffic in two lanes both ways for 10-20 seconds.

Never been harassed, but I did get a photo radar ticket 15 minutes from home after a 14 hour drive from Chicago when I first bought the VX. A sort of christening I guess... Identification on the ticket was BLACK SUV, no make or model given.:rolleyes:

10/20/2007, 12:33 PM
Got 1 speeding ticket, but it was my fault. Other than that never had a problem.

10/20/2007, 12:55 PM
Been stopped three times this year...

Once on the way to Moab somewhere in SD

Once in Fargo after I returned

Once in Moorhead MN about a month ago...

I was clearly doin' sumthin I shouldn't oughta in all three instances

Result: All three times I got off with a good "talkin' to"

She might be a cop magnet, but also a good luckmobile.;)

Joe Isuzu
10/20/2007, 02:23 PM
Ldub, you lucky dog! I've NEVER gotten out of a speeding ticket. I figure it's one of the drawbacks of being a guy (no offense intended)
Yea, I know it's sexist but 90% of the people I know who've gotten out of tickets are women, imagine that...
I want to respect cops but when they do crap like give preferential treatment to ladies and then blatantly speed themselves ALL THE TIME, it's hard to
Got two tickets in a Plymouth Duster, a ticket in a Fiero GT, and a ticket in an Alfa GTV-6, all I deserved except for the Alfa simply b/c I was going 45 around a curve when the speed limit was 45, the cop even wrote the speed limit down on the ticket as "@ 45" in a 45, there was a yellow caution sign about the curve but the speed limit was still 45, I wasn't over the double yellow and I wasn't squealing tires, the caution sign was only for 35mph, last I checked yellow signs meant advisory and suggested speed, what a crock!
Thankfully, I've been ticket-free in the VX, it gets such bad gas mileage I tend to not drive it fast anyway :)

10/20/2007, 04:33 PM
Nope...not in this one. Course I live in "Hazzard" and fix all the cop cars:cool: Explains a lot

10/20/2007, 04:37 PM
Nope...not in this one. Course I live in "Hazzard" and fix all the cop cars:cool: Explains a lot

Good on you "Cooter".:p ;) :p

10/21/2007, 09:57 AM
Ldub, you lucky dog! I've NEVER gotten out of a speeding ticket. I figure it's one of the drawbacks of being a guy (no offense intended)
Yea, I know it's sexist but 90% of the people I know who've gotten out of tickets are women, imagine that...

LOL...I think when they catch me doing something stupid, then come up to my window & see a scruffy lookin' middle aged man driving...It's like, this old dude is my dads age, he probably just forgot he's not sixteen any more.:rolleyesg

And the last incident I mentioned, the Officer was a cute little she cop, so sometimes it works both ways.;)
(my passenger said afterwards that he saw her blush, though I don't remember saying anything that should have caused that response):rolleyes:

10/21/2007, 10:19 AM
I got only one ticket since i have my VX, knock on wood . I was in New York, Times Square and i stopped on the crosswalk to ask for dirrection. I stopped for 3 min only with my 4 ways on and out of nowhere cop pulled over behind me without any lights and came up to me and said ONLY 2 words, license and registration, then walk away and came back and gave me a ticket and just walked away without saying have a nice day or anything at all. I was so pissed off that day. I know i shouldnt be stopping there but still he could be nicer and give me a warning or something.

10/22/2007, 07:16 AM
Looks like I take the VX ticket cake with a "speed contesting of a highway". My reward.... silver bracelets, 5 points, and traffic school. Dont try this at home kids. Live and learn, the hard way.
At least I won the race. :p

EDIT: Oh ya, and a few years before that, I got one for like 75 in a 55 on my way to the beach. Labor Day weekend, so I should have known better. But we get old and wise in our old age, so I am now like a slow, silent ninja on the roadways.

10/22/2007, 09:09 AM
I get pulled over once about every 3-4 months. in the VX I have never gotten a ticket in the VX and half of the time I dont even get the written warning. They are normally just very intrested in what the VX is. I did get pulled over this weekend in Indianapolis in the mustang going 82 in a 55. Once again no ticket or warning.

10/22/2007, 09:33 AM
I have never gotten a ticket in my Troopers or my VX!:p Guess Ive been lucky. And that is not from trying! It also depends alot on where you live. If there were cameras where I lived, I'd move. Wouldnt even think twice. However, I was ticketed incessantly in my DelSol living in Austin, TX. Also, around Wilmington, NC in it. Needless to say, I was glad to sell that thing. Hysterically, when stationed at Fort Hood, TX, I did have a nice run-in with a pair of hot female cops when I used to have a CJ-7. I dont know why they pulled me over (did they need a reason? lol) They gave me a warning for something, I had to advise them of weapons in the vehicle, they were nice enough while one held my arms :)and the other searched around. In the end, they chatted me awhile, I think I insisted that they cuff me, but they let me go, and I had the best role-playing fantasy! :jump:

The cops ALWAYS mess with my brother, however. Im a little older, and NC used to be great, and you didnt have to worry about donut eaters, but today it is not like that- I keep telling him. I feel sorry for him sometimes. He doesn't even drive anymore because of this. Of course, he does drive like Mario Andretti! Lol But in his defense, I will say this. He always uses his turn signal, always lets people know his intentions, always stops for stop signs, never runs lights, never does erratic things unless provoked, never had an accident, but ALWAYS gets harassed by cops. How many times have you seen people do the above-mentioned things NOT get tickets WHILE COPS WERE SEEING THEM HAPPEN!!! I can never figure it out. Who is the danger? He gets ticketed while some guy on a motorcycle gets creamed from the rear because someone in front of him didnt use a turn signal. Seen it happen 2 miles after he got ticketed. WTF?

Jolly Roger VX'er
10/22/2007, 03:16 PM
I'd have to say nope....I've gotten (3) speeding tickets in my life that I deserved; (1) "improper use of left lane" which I didn't deserve and went to court over and came out victorious; (2) warnings for motor vehicle code violations...one for tinted windows on my Fiero which I removed, and another for a Light bar on my '79 Ford Bronco back when they were illegal. None of these cases involved the VX.