View Full Version : Shifter VXs

10/16/2007, 09:52 PM
How come ya never see any crash box (Manual shift) Vxs?
All I see for sale are slush boxs (Automatics).
Did they ever bring manual shift VXs into the USA?:o

10/16/2007, 10:01 PM
never been a vx w/ manual transmission.... i thought it was an issue mating w/ the TOD.. but not sure

10/17/2007, 03:27 PM
A number were converted to three pedal...mostly for racing. In fact, I think the "Geolander" was one of those. None were manufactured that way. A gross oversight on the part of Isuzu, in my view. It was this close to being a deal breaker, back in '01...and continues to be an annoyance each and every shift, every time I take it out, to this very day. It is the root of all my "new Jeep" thoughts. It makes me think, "that perfectly good, climate controlled parking space could be holding a perfectly good Cayman." I got newcaritis pretty bad right now...and I keep casting a sideways eye at the poor ol' VX. Maybe just put it in storage and leave it to my son to work out someday...maybe do the conversion. Man this is a sore subject:(