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10/09/2007, 11:01 AM
hey! vx hipster's...

during the downtime, other than being in panic mode, what did you do? go anywhere, see anything, buy anything, help anyone?

Meju? Well, I ended up meeting CeCe and crew the weekend the site went down as she happened to be driving through colorado. She has a beautiful new Proton! Then this last weekend, got a chance to meet up with MSHardeman to chat it up!

So eventho we were without a site - I got my vx fixes from hangin' out with other junkies!!!

How about you?


10/09/2007, 11:20 AM
Wow! I have been on 3 busy business trips over the last several weeks and didn't even know the site was down. I came back today expecting hundreds of messages to read...


10/09/2007, 11:28 AM
Trained, worked, checked the site daily to see if it was back up yet, and had my best race of the season!
Did the Mountain Fountain triathlon, known as the "Toughest triathlon in Arizona", a 2000 meter open water swim in Saguaro Lake, followed by a very hilly 50 mile bike consisiing of two loops through Usery Pass and then a very hilly two loop 11 mile trail run that starts with a 15% grade up switchbacks for 1.5 miles (and you get to do it twice!). I knocked 1 hour off of my time from last year and was 3rd overall! Now I should be primed for a great race in 3 weeks at the Soma 1/2 Ironman in Tempe Arizona! Then I get to rest for a few weeks!:dance:

10/09/2007, 11:29 AM
sounds like alot of fun!

I went down to the local 4x4 shop to see what he had to offer. turns out he is an isuzu dealer and he wants to sponsor me!

theye do some pretty neat stuff with suspension over there. www.lokeytrucks.com check out the customizing link under jeeps. my isuzu will be up there soon!

10/09/2007, 11:47 AM
played lots of video games (halo 3) lol and lots of school work... built a few new cabinets in my cluttered kitchen so its no longer cluttered... also got together with spike to show off the VXs

i also came across a woman trying to push her van up a hill away from the curb so that she could get to the starter... so i used the vx and my tow strap to pull her up the hill... then after no luck messing with the starter used the vx to pull her like 1/8 mile thru the parking lot to a shop:) my good deed for the day

hehe.. i ordered chineese food the other night.. guy came up and gave me my food, started to walk away.. walked back and says..."hey.. is that your car?" "where can i get one of those?" and the other basic questions...

10/09/2007, 11:48 AM
......weeping quietly.

I mean c'mon...

VX site down..AND the Chargers sucking!!

How much can a guy take!

But hey...BOTH are BACK!!


10/09/2007, 11:49 AM
Mostly just moped around 'cause no forum.

Mrs tom4bren & I escaped from the kids for a weekend in Colonial Williamsburg. Decorated for Halloween Friday night. Went to Octoberfest at Fort Belvoir last Saturday.

The rest of the time was just spent on HoneyDo's.

10/09/2007, 12:08 PM
I filled the void by tearing into Zeus! Things are coming together: The diff drop brackets came out well, installed fairly easily. Got the rebuilt axle assembly installed. Ordered some parts from Indy4x... My VX is 4x4 again, just in time for the snow! And the site is back up, just in time for the snow! Ain't life grand!?

don moore
10/09/2007, 01:42 PM
When it happened...I left my computer room and sat down with the wife to watch TV.
I looked at her and didnít say a thing...but she saw a sad look on my face.
She looked at me and said "whatís wrong dear".
I sat there and didnít talk...
She then saidĒ are you ok?"
So... I told her the VXinfo site was down...
She saidĒ It will be OK...things will get better"

I played a few games I have and worked on my R/C planes... and over the Columbus week end we went to the coast for 3 days...

Now thatís its up .she will se a happy old man again:o

10/09/2007, 02:31 PM
What did I do? hmm

Got my forum fix from the DSM forums... nothing to exciting. just looking for more information on a rwd conversion...

I was actually able to go to sleep at a decent time, instead of being on the forums at 2-5 in the morning...

i think i hit reload a couple hundred times waiting for the site to come back online....

BUT IM GLAD THE FORUMS ARE BACK! I actually have something to do while i sit here at work!

10/09/2007, 02:59 PM
After 5 years and 70k miles, I finally got around to doing my lift.

I figured since the truck will be paid off next month, now was the time to sink more money into it. I did a luandry list of mods; new brakes, brake lines, slotted rotors, new shocks and lift, wheels and tires.

Mine now sits atop 33" Thornbirds (I know, I know, but I like them)

10/09/2007, 03:35 PM
I've been getting my forum fix over at bimmerforums.com. But it's just not the same.

I also travelled to Las Vegas for a week, and then Niagara Falls this past weekend, where I got engaged!

10/09/2007, 03:36 PM
Well, I ended up meeting CeCe and crew the weekend the site went down as she happened to be driving through colorado. She has a beautiful new Proton! Then this last weekend, got a chance to meet up with MSHardeman to chat it up!

Arrrrgh... I so would have been there... :mad:

Still, I think I have a good "What I Did On My Vacation" story: I was wandering the halls of power in Washington DC, trying to convince (somewhat successfully, I might add) the gov to do something about people dying from mesothelioma.

Meso is a cancer usually caused by exposure to asbestos. We've pretty much all been exposed, in some way or other, usually through fireproofing or insulation. Some unlucky people will develop an untreatable cancer. They won't know it until 15 to 50 years later when they find they can no longer breathe. Their chest cavity will fill with fluid, slowly smothering them. Untreated, they'll live about 3-6 months. Not pleasant.

A fair number of us are motor-heads. Some of us have gleefully used compressed air to clear away brake dust. We think that's how my dad got his exposure.

Anyway, sorry for the downer, but PLEASE be careful around asbestos!

While the site was down, I got to check off two more Colorado sightings. There was a white VX by the Greeley Mall, and I parked next to a foxfire that was waiting for service at the dealership on 104th.

They couldn't get my VX in for service, so I decided I'd try to do it myself. I think I poured half the oil down the side of the engine, but otherwise, it was a success! Am I the only one who looked at our oil filter and though, "Oh, isn't that cute!!".

10/09/2007, 04:28 PM
Congrats SkidPlate. Hope all goes well for you & your new significant other.

10/09/2007, 06:26 PM
I got in touch with my emulators. Played lots of Punch out and tetris, even a little sonic.

10/09/2007, 07:27 PM
Threw a blanket over my computr desk to make a "fort", stocked it much the same as under George Costanzas desk...but no alarm clock.

First few days only came out to make shi-shi, replenish snackin' material & beverages, & repeatedly click on the VXI icon on my desktop...much like a coke addled science experiment monkey I recently saw on a Hist Chnl deelio about drugs.

After that got old, I got after some new tracks & racing iron. (ATV ORF 4)

Oh yeah, built/installed about a zillion boxes to hang on walls & put stuff in. (I now work in a cabinet shop & it's been busy)

Took a lot of naps in my fort.

Did I mention, It's great to be back!:thanx:

10/09/2007, 07:33 PM
It was awesome seeing you again Biju!!!!! It was great getting a fix in! Thanks for swinging by! I am finally moved in to Chi-town! Lots of flying with the new flight attendant job! I am loving every minute of it! I am looking forward to meeting up with the VX crowd out here in the Midwest! Who knows...maybe on my overnights I will be able to meet up with even more Vx buddies!!!! YAY! Take Care!

10/09/2007, 08:05 PM
I...uh.....had a birthday.
Looked at the new E63 AMG = in love. Ahh 507 horsepwr.
Looked at the infiniti FX 45 = practicality. Mmm.
Looked at my VX....will always be apart of me.

That pretty much sums up SOME things that happened.

10/09/2007, 08:41 PM
I...uh.....had a birthday...
...That pretty much sums up SOME things that happened.
Well, you peaked my curiosity!

10/10/2007, 09:12 AM
LOL, I actually got a lot of work done!! Sitting at work is really boring, so I am usually on the forum posting and reading to help pass the time. But last week I had no where to go, so I actually used the time to catch up on some of the stuff I have been putting off for weeks. :) But other than that, it was brutal not having VX.info during the long work day. Last Friday however, 3 of my buddies came into town from Chicago so I have been outside camping since. I just got back this morning and the first thing I did is check to see if we were all up again!

Right before the site went down, I took a bunch of photos of my recent mods. I went to post them and the site was down! DOH! So now I will post them later this week after my friends go back to Chicago...


Jolly Roger VX'er
10/10/2007, 05:06 PM
Proudly showed the VX off at 2 of the last 3 car shows of the year in my local area with 1 more to go in a week. All are just for fun with no judging/voting.
Attended the last "Flashlight Drag" of the year in Zelienople, PA...weather couldn't have been better! http://alteredgas.com/flashlight_drags.html
Got my Dodge Ram back from the custom exhaust shop...now has stainless "true-dual" exhaust with Gibson Headers & Magnaflow mufflers & Cats. Runs & sounds great! Also modded up a 14" X 3" Edelbrock chrome air filter to fit the Holley throttlebody. Tuned her up nice with all the goodies.. Borg Warner dist. cap & rotor, Borg Warner wires, splitfire-plugs, MSD perf. coil.


10/10/2007, 06:30 PM
Oh lets see, work, music, hiking, working on my 90 Miata, reading stuff on the net... the usual. ;)

10/11/2007, 07:22 AM
Beat Halo3, ran the Rex hard, ran the VX light, and continued with my everyday life. In all, same old boring crap.

10/11/2007, 08:17 AM
Visited some old friends where I used to live while I was in the area for family reasons, had way too much beer, tried sushi for the first time (yeah, I'm a late bloomer), went to an art festival on the riverfront, played golf, drove seven hours one-way to Ohio with my brother to help him buy a new motorcycle, replaced the struts and mounts on another vehicle to try to get rid of an annoying noise (they needed replaced anyway, but the noise is still there :_thinking ), went to a Bluegrass Festival in KY with my dad, perused eBay and a few other message boards I've frequented over the years, and last but not least, lubed, polished, and waxed the VX to get it ready for the fall and winter months.

I have a new fuel filter and FPR waiting on the floorboard to be replaced, but now that VX.info is back up, who knows when that'll get done. ;)

10/11/2007, 08:42 AM
Partied like it was 1999 with some friends that came home to visit from school and a couple that live 10+ hours away.

Played a pick up game of soccer with my old team mates from high school.

Got bored and joined the Honda Element forum. The chick kinda wants one. So I got on to see if you can lift them. Which you can but its harder then the VX and you can only max at 2.5.

Clicked on the bookmark tab for this website about 20 times a day.

Payed alot more attention to my fanstasy football teams since this site was down.

Had one of the busiest weeks of my life scholastic wise. I work full time from 9 - 6pmish and attend Phoenix Online for a Finance - Pre doctorate degree full-time, and attend night classes for real estate licensing 6:30 - 9pm. This week I had 2 essays, 1 presentation and the first test out of 4 to get my license.

That about sums it up.

Mark Miller
10/11/2007, 01:05 PM
I really missed the site,
I had a idle issue,
or should I say "a won't idle issue".

I had this problem when I went and visited friends in Titusville and had to take a class in Orlando last week.

Notice what I did to my exhaust:
http://www.vehicross.info/gallery/data/500/Vehicross_Dual_Exhuast_2.jpg (http://www.vehicross.info/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/10026)

10/11/2007, 09:07 PM
We did a day-trip to the abandoned for long time monastery: http://forum.4x4club.ru/index.php?automodule=gallery&cmd=user&user=3077&op=view_album&album=11

10/11/2007, 09:33 PM
I...uh.....had a birthday.
Looked at the new E63 AMG = in love. Ahh 507 horsepwr.
Looked at the infiniti FX 45 = practicality. Mmm.
Looked at my VX....will always be apart of me.

That pretty much sums up SOME things that happened.
Happy berfday.....

I had one yesterday :D

10/12/2007, 06:03 AM
Treated my VX to a new timing belt, spark plugs, and tires.

BTW, the Kumho Ecsta STX in 265-60-18 are on national backorder through Tirerack. I found a few sets available through Buy Wheels Today on eBay.