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09/20/2007, 07:24 AM
well guys the time came when i had to sell my VX. The car was just turning out to be impratical, i needed four doors, i needed access to rear seats, i needed more room to haul things, and something bigger to tow the family boat. I decided on this (always wanted one) i know reliability isnt the greatest but i got an extended warrenty that should cover most. Nothing like the VX at all (I CAN ACTUALLY SEE WHEN BACKING UP!!!)....well im still in the 4x4 and i know the vx went to a good home...hopefully one day i will own another....the VX was a great car

http://photos-c.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v98/149/18/1474950030/n1474950030_30027654 http://photos-a.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v77/149/18/1474950030/n1474950030_30027580 http://photos-b.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v98/149/18/1474950030/n1474950030_30027649 http://photos-c.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v98/149/18/1474950030/n1474950030_30027658 http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v98/149/18/1474950030/n1474950030_30027659

09/20/2007, 07:38 AM
hey man sad to see u had to sell it... i thought that was yours i saw on craigslist a couple of times... did you trade it in or did you end up finding a buyer?

09/20/2007, 07:51 AM
What did you get? All I see are red X's for your pics...

09/20/2007, 11:22 AM
hey ya ELT that was mine on craigslist i actually got quite a few calls on it at lease one a day....alot of trades were proposed as well as a lot of low-ballers...i finnally sold it to someone who was in love with it as much as i was.....i bought a 2001 land rover discovery sd7 pictures here...http://public.fotki.com/offroaddiscoii/land-rover/