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09/13/2007, 06:40 PM
For those who were waiting to receive parts from Ron @ VXC... have you received anything yet?

I remember his posting about him getting out of the business but have not heard or seen anything since. I know he's going through a hard time and I don't want to pester him but just wanted to know if I am alone in not receiving anything.

I'm so saddened he's leaving but completely understand and completly support him... I just can't wait to get my stuff :)

His mods will make a world of difference

Thanks to any posts and updates.


Paul Maxwell
09/14/2007, 03:45 PM
I too am waiting on some parts.

I originally placed and paid for an order back in June 2006 for mats, grille, clear lenses & front skid plate. It took eleven months and the help of Anita to get some of the order.

Ron could not make the mats so we agreed to replace them with the gear shift plates back in June this year and he has not been tresponding to any of my emails once again.

I have just got back in touch with Anita who has been fantastic in helping me in the past she is a "Legend" and she has fowarded my email on to Ron. This has been the only way I have foud to get things done.

I hope your get your parts, I am really dissapointed with this whole drama.


09/14/2007, 03:57 PM
Damn...STILL waiting??? Starting to seem excessive

09/21/2007, 09:35 PM
Ordered 4 parts over six weeks ago. After 4 weeks I sent a polite, please provide a status report, sort of email. After two additional weeks, still nothing. Seems like it took about this long to get my first order last February. I am not familiar with any "issues" with Ron.

I'm the kind of guy that wants an update even if the update is that nothing has changed, so communicate that to me and I'll be satisfied...for a while.

How difficult is it to communicate to a few customers and repeat customers who have paid for expensive parts months and months ago?

My order was for over $1200.00.

And who is Anita?

09/24/2007, 07:24 AM
Just to reiterate what the deal is with Ron....

Ron does not run a fulltime VX accessory business. He creates these parts from scratch as a hobby. He works a fulltime job and supports a family, so getting around to working with VX parts has not been his highest priority. I have dealt with Ron over the past years and sport many of his VX accessories and he has always been a man of his word. He has been trying to get out many of his older orders with what time he can spare and I am sure new orders are sitting somewhere on the backburner.

My best advice: Remain patient and Ron will come through. If patience is not an option, cancel your order and hope that someone else with the passion for creating one of a kind VX parts comes along.

09/24/2007, 08:05 AM
Very well said. And by coincidence Ron contacted me on Saturday (although i couldn't get to the email until today) with an update and I am satisfied that I'll be getting the skid plates soon. Thank you.