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09/13/2007, 06:19 AM
Hey gang,
Its time for me to change my shoes and i was thinking about getting new rims also with it. I looked up and did some research but i couldnt figure out something. I want rims that would stick out a little bit and i was wondering if its posible to do with stock VX set ups. What kind would you recommend. I want it black or aluminum black color rims, size 16-18` or something that would look nice with Ironman and not crazy price.
Any suggestions?
Thanks guys
P.s pictures of looking in VX would be nice

09/13/2007, 07:31 AM
You are going to have a LOT of options for tires and sizes, although a tougher time based on what wheels you find with our bolt pattern and hub size.

Due to having a previous Trooper with the identical 16" wheels, albeit powdercoated, I personally have had '99 model 16" stock wheels with stock tires (best mileage) of course, 265/75-16's AT's Pirelli Scorpion AT's (incredible blend of traction and steering response) and my current set of Bridgestone Dueler MT's with 50,000 miles on them- Wohoo! (good compromise of speed rating, traction, looks, and steering feel)), and 285/75-16's Dunlop Radial mud rover (a lot less steering feel and big loss of acceleration/power). I am thinking of going with a little less height next, but still keeping the width by using the Toyota sized 265/70-16, or a 255/65-16. To keep closer to factory gearing, speedo, steering response, and still have a little more traction.

As far as wheels, being a truck, you do have alot of room to size, offset, etc. based on what wheel models you find that fit. However, if you do any offroading, or get into any situations where you flex your suspension, I would try to avoid offsets that will bring the tire into contact with the fenders. With the stock offset- even with the 33" 285/75-16's, they tuck nicely behind the overhang of the fenders and into the hollowed out area neatly designed by Isuzu. The rear end of the VX has a surprising about of travel for a stock truck. If you offset out, and have a wider tire, you may ask for some clearance problems. If you never offroad and/or do a lift I would not become too concerned about this minor detail. I have had several onlookers question my 33" tires w/ no lift. After flexing up on a 3' rock with one front and the opposite rear tires in the air by using the good ol' e-brake/lsd technique, I didnt have to provide any more evidence. Lol. However if you have the dough, I would buy the lightest wheels I could find to decrease rotational mass. Especially if you increase your rim diameter. Unfortunately, cost goes up with lighter designs, and some people just want a particular wheel- regardless of weight.

Good luck with whatever you find!

09/13/2007, 07:37 AM
Oh yeah, if you are doing tires and wheels at the same time, I would almost exclusively consider the good ol' tire rack or discount tire mail option. In my experiences, no one has come close to the price and quality, its done properly without the wheel becoming all chewed up by some idiot mechanic, and you can just unpackage and bolt right to your truck already balanced and so forth! Just remember to torque your bolts properly, and assess the tire, wheel, balance, insurance AND shipping price as you shop for other deals out there.

09/13/2007, 06:49 PM
I dont do offroading but i like sometimes to get up on some rocks and park it just to see the look of the suspension. But from what i understand i wouldnt be able to do that if i go with bigger (more diametr) wheels or if i do lift. Hmm i gotta think about it but thanks for your input MrCrowley.
Question for our "lifters" ( those who got VX lifted =) ) how much is a difference driving and handling with stock suspension and lifted?

09/13/2007, 08:07 PM
I dont do offroading but i like sometimes to get up on some rocks and park it just to see the look of the suspension. But from what i understand i wouldnt be able to do that if i go with bigger (more diametr) wheels or if i do lift.

Sure you can...this is a year ago...about 2-3 inches of lift & 33's.


Question for our "lifters" ( those who got VX lifted =) ) how much is a difference driving and handling with stock suspension and lifted?

It depends on a lot of variables. With the tires/wheels above, it handles a lot more sloppy because the taller sidewalls flex more when pushed in a turn.

My current tire/wheel combo is still 33", but the wheels are 20" & the sidewall is shorter, with less flex, so it handles much better, but the trade off is less rim protection off road.

Always keep in mind when doing most major mods...when you change anything, it's a trade off with something else.

Lift & larger tires for greater off road capability = decreased mileage & cornering ability.
It's all about what's most important to you. :cool:

09/14/2007, 07:02 AM
"I want rims that would stick out a little bit"

The previous owner did the lift on mine & installed the rim/tire combo. I like the look but the front tires rub in a full turn (just a little & that could be corrected by a little trimming).

I have no idea what the offset is on my rims but I could go to a tire shop to see if they can determine the specs if you're interested.

There are a few pix in my gallery.

09/15/2007, 05:13 AM
Ldub, and you didnt do any trimming?

tom4bren, i like the way your wheels look, did the previous owner did any trimming?

09/15/2007, 03:48 PM
Ldub, and you didnt do any trimming?

I did extensive trimming, & worked her over good with a 2 lb. hammer. :smack: I can now make full lock turns & rarely have tire contact under conditions of suspension compression.

I didn't mean to imply that there was no trimming involved, nor did I see that as a prerequisite in your posts...but I may have missed something ? :confused:

10/18/2007, 10:09 PM
Ive been looking around a lot and i really like this rims http://www.4wheelparts.com/PDT237703.aspx
Will they fit right with my VX? If so what good tires you guys suggest? with out treaming. Im not offroading much so im looking more for every day road tires.
Thanks a lot

10/18/2007, 10:33 PM
i doubt they would work right on your vx unless you plan to lift... even then it would be a tight fit, those will stick into your wheel wells about 2" deeper than the stock rims... it also doesn't say the hub bore.. you would need to make sure that is at least 108mm

also you will almost without a doubt need wider tires for those rims.. the stock tires (245 width) is only like 9.5" if you were to use that, you would have little to no seal on the rim.. you would probably need at least like a 265

10/19/2007, 07:23 AM
You would need 265 tires for sure. Those aspects are about the same as mine. 4.5 backspacing 12 offset. The hub centric part makes me believe they are gm based and will not fit our bores. Other than that, they should be fine. Check out my gallery for the rim specs. Just remember my that my tires are 265/75/16 but you can go with a smaller sidewall.