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09/10/2007, 11:41 PM
Watch out for Deceptive Elimiators of Enjoyable Recreationals (DEER)!

The first time was on Memorial Day and after bowling a deer to the tune of $3K I decided on contacting Tone for a brush guard. (Interesting the adjuster said the VX wouldn't total out). So guess what happens on Labor Day? Same road 90 miles,distant. This time hiding under a bridge, in foggy conditions. Gray deer, gray road, gray hood, gray air. One spring onto the road, one spring onto my hood! Then powdered glass. Once we stopped and got out, no deer to be seen... Unfortunately the brush guard would have resulted in pretty much the same amount of damage.

But the glass is replaced and StarBug flies again, and hopefully it will have some foward shielding installed by next week! Now does anyone know of a good Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Thermal Imager ?

Deer Strike 1 : Bowling with deer

Deer Strike 2: The wonders of safety glass
An Hour before :

Two Hours After:

09/11/2007, 07:28 AM
try those deer horns they sell at walmart mount 2 of them on your hood and they will get the f out of the way when ur comin.

09/11/2007, 07:29 AM
Maybe you should just paint cross hairs on your windshield.

Just Kidding.

Cadillac had it as an option for a while but it didn't go over very well.

I'll do some checking & get back to you.

09/11/2007, 07:44 AM
Wow that sucks! I on the other hand have been extremely lucky cause the first week i had the vx i hit a deer at about 45 mph. dead center and the deer went airborn and landed in the ditch and i stopped at the next driveway and looked to see the damage and there was not a single hair on the vx, i was completely amazed cause i hit that deer hard and it was the first deer i have ever hit in the 20 years i have been driving and a couple weeks ago i was at a red light here in my small town and some @$$ plowed in the back of me with his full size chevy pickup omg i was cussing my @$$ :mad: off until i seen the damage,there was just a little cut in the cladding that looked like a cut from a pocket knife :p and the bumper of his truck was folded right under his truck and come to find out he only had it a week from the shop from a deer he hit that caused 3500 in damage,wow have i been lucky knock on wood huh. :)

09/11/2007, 08:03 AM
Dude, that is horrible. Over Labor Day weekend I was driving on a back road towards Lassen in California and that road is pitch black and LOADED with deer. Its dangerous and scary. Seeing your pics makes me cringe...


09/11/2007, 08:37 AM
In a quick 5 minute search, the only site I found that appears to offer an automotive FLIR commercially is:


I'm sure there are others but this was the only one that seemed like it may sell to individuals, the others read more like commercial/industry.

Warning, Warning, Warning. FLIRs are still VERY expensive. I'd be suprised if you could find one for less than $10-20K.

I haven't checked into availability from a wrecked caddy yet.

09/11/2007, 09:14 AM
I put deer whistles, available for less than $5 on my fleet in N California because of high deer meeting count. They worked they do not move the deer out of the way but they cause the deer to look up and in the direction of the whistle causing eye illumination and most often run away.

09/11/2007, 09:34 AM
I put deer whistles, available for less than $5 on my fleet in N California because of high deer meeting count. They worked they do not move the deer out of the way but they cause the deer to look up and in the direction of the whistle causing eye illumination and most often run away.


"So the statement made by Save-a-Deer in their literature and on their Web page www.deerwhistle.com/ that states "The following research information was compiled by an independent research group in 1987" is false, misleading and self-serving. The owner of Save-a-Deer (in 1987) and his buddies on snowmobiles conducted the informal research and prepared the crude and undocumented two-page report ... not what I would consider an "independent research group." By the way, the new electronic Hornet device also appears to be a product from Save-a-Deer in Iowa.

So the next time you think about purchasing a deer whistle, consider the quality research that has been performed by professors, universities and police forces across the country that establish that deer whistles don't work. Then compare this data to the unsupported claims made by the manufacturers and sellers of deer whistles and decide for yourself who is telling the truth before you spend your money. "

09/11/2007, 09:43 AM
deer whistle do work i have used them as well as many of my friend and when we go down back roads ther deer either look and dont run into the road of they turn around away from the road. I mean that just my exp. maybe its something else then the roar of the motor or the bumpin of the system who know sneways good luck

Jolly Roger VX'er
09/11/2007, 01:42 PM
I've tried the electronic as well as the air whistling type and my conclusion is that during "rutt" (the mating season) and during the first week of hunting season, they just plain run amok irregardless of warnings & whistles.
The females run from the pursuing males and the males chase both the rivals and does. Hunters in the woods cause them to go on the move too. I only bring this up because I've whacked 2 and barely bumped 2 (in other vehicles) and all of these occurred during the mating season, with whistles and with electronic devices.
The 2 that I whacked jumped off of hill-sides much higher than the roadway where they were entirely out of view with no chance of seeing their gleaming eyes and thus no warning.
One that I bumped occurred when I saw a deer rush out up ahead of me and as I hit the brakes and downshifted a second deer came out and I barely bumped it with no damage to my fiero.
The second one I bumped occurred because of road conditions..freezing rain...I saw 3 deer about to cross the road and try as I might on black ice I couldn't avoid bumping the 3rd one bringing up the rear even though I crossed the centerline and went over to the shoulder of the opposite lane...still tagged it!
The best defense is to drive as much as you can with your high beams on and at reduced speed. So far its worked for my VX!

09/11/2007, 05:20 PM
i havent had any deer incident since i put on a pv2.....but i do life by San Fransisco so theres no many deers here :p

09/13/2007, 06:32 AM
"Unfortunately the brush guard would have resulted in pretty much the same amount of damage."

Considering its completely non-functional.... other than cosmetic, ya, heh.