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09/06/2007, 02:12 PM
After reading about sunroofs all weekend,
I stopped by a Hollandia installer today just for the heluvit.
Trying to tell the guy what kind of Isuzu it was for was like trying to (FILL IN THE BLANK)...

"What kind of car is it?"
"An Isuzu V-e-h-i-cross"

"Ehhh, a Amigo, right?"
"No, a Vehi, cross"


"V-e-h-i, cross"

"A cross (mumbling to himself), ...it's an Isuzu?"
"Yes, a 2001"

"It's not an Amigo?"

"It's allwheel drive?"

"Oh, I know what it is, it has the soft canvas top in the back!"

This has been happening at tire shops too and I tell them not to bother, but they always want to look it up and then tell me they don't have anything listed. :p

09/06/2007, 02:34 PM
Ahhh...the joys of owning a low production, orphan vehicle, produced by an all but extinct manufacturer. Like asking for an oil filter for the '70 2002Tii. You learn to find out what you need to ask for before you go to the store.

09/06/2007, 03:51 PM
I've actually had the opposite happen to me recently. I called a guy about tinting the windows in the VX the other day, and when he asked me what kind of car it was (presumably so he could look it up in a book to give me a quote) I told him an Isuzu VehiCross. I jokingly asked him if he had ever heard of one, and he said yes. He quickly gave me a quote for it and I was on my way.

I was stunned that he had heard of the VX before. That also happened to me at the place that I get my oil changed. I attribute it to the fact that I live in a small valley with three VX's, and even though I never see the other VX's there are only one or two places to get your oil changed and your windows tinted, so I'm guessing that one of the other guys has been to both places.

09/06/2007, 04:14 PM
ive had both... at a shop was looking to order some ome912s and guy asked for my application.. so i said isuzu vehicross... like a minute- a minute and a half later i told him it was for a trooper and we moved on lol....also at a dealership i told the guy i had an 01 vehicross.. he asks what that was.. i point to it.. he tells me they only service isuzus there.... then at a car lot with a buddy of mine i got to talkin about car shows with the salesman and he asked if i entered a vehicle in them... i said yea i enter a 2001 isuzu... he goes oh.. must be a vehicross huh? i was lilke yeah how did u know that?!? apparently they had sold one off their lot a couple of years ago ( rafferty subaru in newtown square, pa)

09/06/2007, 04:22 PM
Actually, I got the opposite twice yesterday also...

This guy at one tire place, a small, single-owner shop that I've used in the past knew a little about it.
And at a muffler shop earlier, I told the guy it was for an "Isuzu SUV".
He asked which one and when I told him, he said "like that one in the picture in there on the wall?"
He's actually worked on one before!
I took that as a sign to have him do my exhaust switch.

09/07/2007, 06:35 AM
I had a guy peak into my passenger side window last weekend while sitting in a parking lot and ask how I liked "Her". Told him she has treated me well. he responded with "Ya, I see your supercharger decal on the side here. Is that a bluff, cause I know the VehiCROSS didnt come with one, right?"

I just stared at him for a few seconds in awe. Some total stranger approached me and sparked up a conversation about my VX.... and KNEW what it was. What are the chances?!

Needless to say, we talked for a couple of minutes and he was pretty excited to see one modded out and in the shape that mine was in. Then again, it turned out his Rodeo was parked right next to me, heh, so he is a close cousin.

09/12/2007, 06:11 PM
I get a bit of both reactions, too. I get a kick out of it when someone knows about it. And every now and then you get someone who knows it and loves it, and they go crazy.

Good story - my wife, her cousin, and I were on our way back from a diner and we decided to detour on a local off-road road in town. When we came out of thew woods on the other end, there were a couple of guys standing by their Jeep Cherokee (probably having just driven the same road). They stared at us and the VX, so I stopped to say Hi and to tell them "It's an Isuzu." The guy who was gawking more than the other said, "Yeah - it's the VehiCROSS," and kept staring at it, slack-jawed and drooling. As we drove away, my cuz-in-law pipes up from the back seat, "Dude - I think he wanted to f*uck your truck!"

But one thing is for sure - once I go to a place to get some work done on the VX, they remember me. I call and identify myself as "the guy with the Isuzu VehiCROSS" and they know EXACTLY who I am!

09/14/2007, 07:25 AM
They refer to me as the guy with the "yellow thing".

09/14/2007, 08:32 AM
i accually had someone follow me to my house. i got home ran inside loaded my 40 cal s&w went to the door. only to find a guy at the door wanting to tell me i had a nice truck.....i really felt stupid.