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05/30/2003, 11:00 AM
Hey All,

not sure if this is normal, but when I roll up the driver side window, it starts out *really* slow and picks up speed as it approaches the closed position. The passenger side rolls up at a constant speed.

Speed of the driver side seems to be related to how far from the closed position it is, not by the length I've held the button. Also, rolling down the window seems to work at a relatively constant speed (much faster).

Wondering if I should take it in for a warranty repair.

05/30/2003, 11:02 AM
Definately take it in if you are still under warranty. It's probobally your window regulator.

05/30/2003, 12:12 PM
Really?!? ;eekr; The same thing happens to me as well. This is a defect? Wow....

05/30/2003, 01:08 PM
Roll down your windows, then spray the glide tracks with silicone. Over time the tracks get dry and cause the glass to bind, which if ignored can lead to a burned out window motor. Take it to the dealer, or someone you trust for service if that does not work for you. Good luck :D

David Wiltshire
05/31/2003, 02:37 AM
One of the members posted an excellent article on sorting out the windows which I have done myself, frankly I have yet to find a dealer who could undertake the work detailed in this article properly. In the U.K. our VX's are not recognised by the main Isuzu importer and they will not help at all (I have phoned six times about technical matters and every time I seem to get hold of a different dork who repeats the same brainwashed mantra we dont no anything about them) anyway as I have had no alternative I have undertaken to sort the windows out myself folowing this article and it works! It may seem a bit daunting to start with but it can be done in a few hours and in the end you have a feeling of satisfaction. If you have to replace the motor (which does burn out) it can be done in less than an hour if anyone wants a guide to it let me know

05/31/2003, 04:32 AM
Hi David,

Maybe you could upload the instructions to this website so it could be a handy reference to all? I am sure if you need help scanning it or uploading it, someone on the board could help out - I don't have a scanner or I would offer. We might not need the instructions right this second but I know I would sure like to have them when and if the time comes.

Thanks for the initiative!

David Wiltshire
05/31/2003, 10:38 AM
Hi Vasha 13
The article I was refering to was by phines at Club V Mag I did print a copy, perhaps if you contact Scott he may know the thread that sent you to the modification page. Although it deals mainly with windows poping out the modification can help the free movement of the windows. For example when I bought my VX it had quite a few things not working including the drivers window following what the phines article described I enlarged the width of the metal rail near the speaker which the window runs down, once I had the new motor I replaced it and the window runs up and down fine every time. The passenger window which I did not modify seemed to work fine when yesterday it stopped just over half way up and i could hear a clicking sound from the switch (probably meaning if I continued to press it something would blow or burn out) so I removed the door panel then removed the motor, with clear access to run the window up and down by hand it soon became apparent that some resistance occured at the point it stopped at, so I pushed the window right up and ran my finger in the rubber strip sure enough the frame pinched at the point around about where the window had stopped so I used a pair of angled pliars and opened this point and widened the rest spray applied a silicone lubricant re-assembled the motor into the regulator and hey presto the window works as smoothly as the other side.
Hope this may help but if you can find the article by phines it is a far better explanation than my ramblings
Best Regards
David Wiltshire

05/31/2003, 10:57 AM
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05/31/2003, 01:09 PM
Thanks Scott and David,

I totally missed the "one of the members" part of the post otherwise, I would have known I could do a search for it. My bad! Thanks again though.