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05/29/2003, 03:44 AM
what do you guys think about useing a naca duct for ram air? Place it in the metal part of the hood directly above the air box, or aftermarket cone filter. I think it would be a fairly easy install. I would probably have a trim peice made out of aluminum to go around the outside of the duct so that I can attach it michanicly rather than useing bondo or fiberglass and than haveing to re-paint the whole hood. here is a link to the ducts

05/29/2003, 07:57 AM
Extraction air would benefit the VX more than ram air. It would increase air flow to the underhood intake and also cool the engine. As for boosting power through air-induction; that's why there's a supercharger mod. It'll cram all the air you need into the engine. Otherwise use a K&N filter, you'll immediately see the difference. Hopefully N1 will be back on his feet again soon and get the CF insert with the extraction ducts finished.;Dg;

05/29/2003, 08:13 AM
I noticed no difference with my Calmini filter *shrug*

05/29/2003, 11:36 AM
The NACA duct would be useless... much in the way of the scoops on the hood of the good ole Pontiac GTO. Air hits the front of the VX (which is fairly blunt) and skirts right over the hood. Cowl induction is the better way to go... utilizes the vacuum created aft of the hood and base of the windshield to suck air from the engine bay which causes fresh air to rush in to replace the hot. Law of equilibrium.

05/29/2003, 04:06 PM
I still think my idea is cheapest and more efficient.

We need to make a small scoop to replace the drivers side marker light (the one on the quarter panel that does not blink) on the side of the VX. The hole is already tgere and could possibly be enlarged if needed.

Make a scoop there and you have fresh cool air flowing right into your filter.

Makes sense to me just haven't found anything I could use to accomplish this mod.

that's just my 02 though :)

05/29/2003, 05:46 PM
Just run a flexible intake hose to the driver side bumper vent (oval one next to the turn signal) and run the hose to your heat shield (if you're using a cone filter) or airbox.

The bumper vent is the best ram air location, right smack at the front of the car. IMHO, it's not worth the effort as you'll only benefit from it at speed and at WOT which only accounts for a small percentage of normal everyday driving.

05/29/2003, 09:05 PM
Ram air induction requires a lot more than a convenient inlet to be effective. True ram air systems are able to pressurize a specially designed airbox to a few pounds above ambient. These systems are not usually effective until around 80MPH. The Kawasaki ZX-11 was one of the first show-room available vehicles to use such a system and it worked fairly well. The fact that massive amounts of R&D and engineering created it is usually easily forgotten by most when bombarded by all the free horsepower whiz-bang bolt-ons hawked everywhere. If you want to use the marker light holes for something, then run ducts to your brakes to help cool them when you try to stop after igniting the JATO pack you attached to your VX.

05/29/2003, 09:20 PM
I'm referring to cooler air not forced air like some drag racer :)

My idea simpley gets cooler air in to the engine then it other wise wouldn't normally have.

Engines create heat, cool air is good air, no?

just getting creative with functional mods for less $$$


05/29/2003, 11:43 PM
I wouldn't call "making a scoop" a cheap mod for power. Even with my method, you'd be spending $25 for the flexible intake hose and another $20 for odds and ends from Home Depot or Lowes to attach the hose.

If I didn't have to make room for the HID system, I would keep the stock air box and run a K&N filter... leaving the elbows in place. Removing the elbows won't do jack. A naturally aspirated engine works like an air pump. It can only pump as much air as it can displace (exhaust valve size plays a role in this too). Removing the elbow would only make the intake sound louder and make you think you're making more power (the Honda racer syndrome). Using a cone filter has pretty much the same effect.

The only reason I'd run a cone would be if I had an SC. In which case I would run the intake hose to a well thought out heat shield to direct as much cool air to the filter as possible.

Your money is better spent on the SC and a alcohol/water injecton system. Scoops and ram air setups would be purely cosmetic. Although a cowl induction set up would do wonders to cool the engine bay. Too much $$ for what you'd get from it though.