View Full Version : Snob in AlaskaVX

05/16/2003, 09:49 AM
So Alan, How many Vx's you see not to wave at one. Yesterday on dimond flew bye with nose in air...hehehe Maybe if you slow down and see the views once in a while. Your tires have good sound though at 50..

05/16/2003, 11:55 AM
DID I SERIOUSLY JUST DRIVE BY YOU? I'm not a snob, in fact I'm anything but a snob (I don't have enough money to be a snob :) )! I waved that one day I saw you by the highway, like I said before I must be one of the most ignorant drivers. I just get in that driving trance with music blaring and speeding down the road, I don't pay attention to much more than "Juke right, juke left, Oh $#!% a cop slow down"

Do you feel like doing any off-roading this Sunday? One of my buds just got a PHAT Jeep with a chromed V8 and new blue paint with that glitter type stuff in there and diamond plate all over. We are planning on going out to Jim Creek and maybe also hitting up Buffalo Mine Road. 2 lifted Jeeps and some others with stock trucks and 4-wheelers are going, and both Jeeps have winches so ya don't have to really worry about getting stuck. You probobally don't want to go to Buffalo mine road with us though due to the narrow trails and almost rock crawling terrain, but Jim Creek should be fun for putts'n around. If ya wanted to do any shooting bring some guns, you can shoot at Jim Creek. I'm gonna bring my .44 mag and maybe my little Ruger .22 in case I see some tastey wildlife. Should be fun and we are planning on taking a lot of pics.

You could even ride out there with me if ya don't want to take the beast out.

05/16/2003, 06:42 PM
Thanks for the invite but going to our land on Sunday. I need at least 1 week notice to plan stuff. I want my new tires before mudding because my stock ones get stuck easy.. Let me know next time.. Thanx