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06/24/2002, 08:17 AM
I was reading a thread on the old board discussing the pros and cons of having multiple forums on-line. Personally, I think it is great, but I understand the concern for group fragmentation.

Why don't we just make a Owners Club. We could have Eastern, Central, Mountian and Pacific Chapters (or something like that).

The VehiCross.info appears to have the organizational structure required for the adminstrative functions (Yearly Dues, minutes, etc).

I've been around Since Jan 02, and have did a run organized by Anita. Truley, the core group of people in the VX fourm comunity are of outstanding caliber in regards to diverse skill sets (graphic designers, engineers, Web guys, Mod Magicians, etc). All the people I have met in person and on-line are really cool as well.

Lets make this a thread about getting us organized into a tighter group that we can make an official club.

06/24/2002, 09:30 AM
I agree. I have been very impressed with the type of people that VX owners turn out to be. A smart, diverse and interesting group of people for all walks of life.

I think a full fledge association would be a great idea.

06/24/2002, 11:22 AM
Count me in. I do something very similar in the video game developers industry and and it is always informative and fun. The local chapters just get together every now and then at a location and discuss anything, and the use of local and national email newsletters is always a plus. I would hate to be the organizer, but I would be a participant. :D

06/24/2002, 12:04 PM
Very good idea!! I was hoping that this endeavor would lead to more organization within the group by providing an all in one stop without detracting from the individual. Keep the thoughts coming!:cool!: