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05/07/2003, 10:14 PM
I've got my Alpine s/c kit in my garage and I'm hoping to install it on my Axiom on Memorial Day weekend. Anybody have the part number(s) for the intake gaskets?

Thanks in advance

05/07/2003, 10:44 PM
Intake gaskets, 2 needed P/N 8-97237-538-0 I paid $18.88 each.

Good luck on the install. A word of caution - make sure that you remove all dirt and debris from around the intake manifold, before pulling it off the engine. The little nooks and crannies around the intake ports love to hold stuff, and it will then proceed to fall into the ports when you take off the intake.

05/08/2003, 12:13 AM
Thanks! I'll plan on cleaning the engine bay prior to starting.

05/08/2003, 12:27 AM
Sounds like you need to have a good shop vac handy too in case anything does fall off or escape from being washed off.

05/09/2003, 11:04 PM
Ordered the gaskets from Isuzuparts.net for $41 shipped and they were on my porch within 36 hours. I was impressed with the speed of delivery.

This isn't my first s/c install and I've learned and I'm not expecting many surprises with this kit. In fact, with no FMU or in-line fuel pump to install, this should be quite easy in comparison.

I just hope I'm not too disappointed with the performance. I have some other complimentary mods in mind but the warranty will go out the window.

The other mods outside of the PV muffler and cone filter:

Pulleyboys.com (http://www.pulleyboys.com/) - These guys will make one-off pulleys for us if the Nissan Xterra ones won't work with this M62. They also sell press on pulley removers if needed. I haven't checked to see if the Alpine is keyed or press fit yet.

Granatelli Motorsports MAF (http://www.granatellimotorsports.com/pdf/retail.pdf) - the Isuzu 3.5L uses the same one as the Impalla SS which is available at Summit Racing for $329. (PN 350114-C 2002-03 Axiom/Vehicross - 3.5L - Black w/Cold Air Tuning) This is a good mod, I run one on my other s/c vehicle.

SMC Alcohol/Water injection kit (http://www.geocities.com/rad87gn/tech/SteveCkit.html) - This is probably the best/most inexpensive water injection kit I have seen and has more features than Aquamist and also has interior status and controls.

Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump (http://www.alternativeauto.com/waterbox/wb-archives/boostapump.html) - This will overdrive your fuel pump only at boost (adustable trigger point). Many Toyota TRD truck people running Eaton s/c like this mod.

UNICHIP (http://www.theracersgroup.com/theprogram_unichip.html) - I have "heard" that the Isuzu 3.2 version will work with the 3.5L but I'm still researching. It will also run around a grand and require dyno time to tune.

I have a suspicion that I'll be a pioneer with these mods if I take it this far. I'm definitely going to get the Granatelli MAF and the others may follow if I'm not happy with the performance.

05/10/2003, 10:17 AM
Thanks for your info deton8r. Good luck on the install! The kit really is well thought out and quite complete. The only things I had to add were some various sized tubing for vacuum and cooling rerouting.

I've looked at those MAFs, but couldn't rationalize spending the $$. Please make sure you report on the effects of the MAF swap.

The Pulley Boys site is interesting, but they don't list anything small enough for our app. Alpine was experimenting with a smaller pulley to up the boost to ~6lbs. This pulley measures 51.92mm, or about 2" in diameter. The Alpine unit uses a keyed pulley. Unfortunately, I've been bugging Steve at Alpine to sell me the smaller pulley - damn the warranty - but he refuses! I think they're worried about having enough fuel with the OEM engine maps.

Alpine was also talking about programming a special unichip for their blower, but they don't have a time frame on it's completion.

I just might have to get one of those alcohol/water injection kits. I just don't want to mount that ugly box in my VX.

Not much more to add, except make sure you really tighten down the EGR tube and go back and retorque it after you heat it up a few times. I know several people, including me, have had those dang things loosen up on them.

05/10/2003, 11:42 AM
I thought Tone has a smaller pulley? The Aquamist system looks cleaner but I don't think it has that control box. Maybe mount it in the center console storeage bin under the arm rest. It looks like it's just something you program once or twice and forget about. I was thinking about water/alcohol injection yesterday, and I think one could run such a system and not have to run high octane fuel. The engine compression is low enough and the boost is low enough so I don't think it would be a problem running regular. The water injection system would be insurance at WOT or near WOT.

05/10/2003, 02:57 PM
I just measured the pulley and I can't believe it's that small and only generating around 5lbs of boost. The Nissan Xterra kits use an M62 with a much larger pulley but make the same amount of boost. I'm thinking our crank pulley must be smaller. So much for the low buck boost increase. I wouldn't want to run too small of a pulley on the s/c to avoid belt slippage.

The pulleyboys guys could probably make a crank pulley but I'm afraid to think what that would cost unless we had a GP and a minumum order of 8-10 or something.