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05/06/2003, 05:55 PM
I need your help with a tranny problem I'm having.

carlymac from the old board placed a post:


Describing the same exact problem I have now aquired.

I had this happen to me ONCE, months ago, very briefly but it has been fine ever since so I didn't think much of it.

I just had my VX at the dealer for that annoying rattle some hear at 3k rpm. They replaced the exhaust pipe from the end of the header > cat > T.O.D pipe & back to the muffler flange. Included was a spankin new O2 sensor too, all covered under warranty (second owner of 99 VX w/ 46,000 on it )

BUT, since the day I put it in reverse for the first time in the dealer parking lot after having my exhaust work done, it has been doing this ever since, EVERY time!!!

I start the VX, wait a min, put it in reverse, RPMS raise a bit and stay there but then just sits there and the VX doesn't move

I am forced to go to drive & back to reverse for it to catch, sometimes it will slooooowly roll in to reverse but a majority of the time I have to switch the auto tranny to drive to get reverse to work. Then, when I go back to drive to take off the tranny clunks louder then I think it should even though it is an automatic!

What's going on here folks ?

I will also note that several months ago I had come home from a long weekend only to find my VX had bled tranny fluid all over my drive way, dealer replaced rear trany seal a few bolts for the cross member and filled the fluid back up but never provided an explanation of why this happened.

There where ablsolutly no leaks of any kind before I left for that weekend and that's what I came home to.

There are currently no leaks at all even now with this new problem (I look every chance I get just to make sure cuz I'm like that).

I don't beat on my VX but do drive fast with power mode always on. Hardly any off roading unfortunatly

Is my tranny dead or what and if so WHY!!!???

Need to get all the warranty work done as I'm rolling up on 50k

05/06/2003, 07:14 PM
VehiX, I thought I was the only one. Sorry to hear you have the problem...but, glad to hear someone else knows what I'm talking about. In the last post I made some guy said that a delay when shifting into REV was normal. Well, I've been driving automatic's for years, new ones and shnitboxes and have never had one act like this. Been to the dealer twice and got the same answer...The tranny checks out O.K. My next move is to walk in the dealership and kidnap the service manager and a Isuzu certified mechanic and show them first hand what they can't seem to find! If you discover any information that I can relay to the dealership PLEASE let me know. I'll do the same. Being as my kidnapping is on a "by appiontment basis only" It's going to be a few weeks.

05/06/2003, 07:29 PM
Damn dude, you've been driving it like that for four months now :eek:

This has been going on for almost a week and I'm freaking out!!!

I am taking it to the delaer this weekend hopfully, gotta call to make an appointment. I will not leave there until this is fixed and report back my findings.

I was kinda hoping you had this fixed so I knew what to tell them to do / look for. Guess I'll leave my baby in thier hands for a few days and see what the outcome is. This can't be a good thing at all I'm sure :(

This dealer has been good to me so I don't suspect foul play :)

I'll keep you and the rest of the gang posted.

05/07/2003, 06:53 AM
Sounds like you are low on pressure. Probably a seal is leaking pressure maybe in the low/reverse clutch. I would have them install a pressure gauge and check the pressure while in reverse.

05/07/2003, 12:42 PM
try putting it in neutral , wait a second and then try rEVERSE AGAIN. Val

05/07/2003, 12:53 PM
Originally posted by valenki
try putting it in neutral , wait a second and then try rEVERSE AGAIN. Val

Thanks for your input but I have already stated that this does not work and aside from that I should never even have to do this in the first place :(

Anyone else have any ideas, I'm calling the dealer today to make an appointment.

Thanks :)

05/09/2003, 04:33 PM

Took my VX to the dealer today to have this fixed.

I simply called up the service manager (Bob Pfaff, Peters Nissan - Isuzu Nashua N.H) at the dealer and told them what was happening and made an appointment.

Left it there all day today and picked it up when I got out of work.

The adjustment they made below was covered under warrenty at no cost to me :)

Receipt Reads:

"Adjusted Auto Trans Shifter Lever"

So...If this ever happens to you, here is a potential fix for ya to take to the dealer :p