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05/06/2003, 01:40 PM
I have a question regarding the VX suspension on a 99 model for the second owner.

I did a search and saw Tone post that the 99 VX suspension is covered under warranty for 50k miles. Is this true? If so , what exactly do they cover?

Even though I am the second owner the dealer I go to has never questioned this for previous warranty work done on it.

So , anyone know for sure if the 99 VX suspension is covered til 50k?

Also want to know if the VX intake gasket that most seem to be replacing is covered under warranty too?

I lost my waranty manual, sorry :rolleyes:

Thanks :)

05/06/2003, 02:40 PM
According to the manual, it says 36 months or 50k miles, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST, from the date it was first put into service. Mine just passed that in-service date in March, so it's possible you might have some left. I bought a 7 year/100k extended 0 deductible warranty thru warranty gold just before it lapsed. It only has 26k miles but I'm good until 2010 (or 100k). Check the in-service date on yours and you'll have the answer. Good luck! Steve