View Full Version : Power inverters and the VX

05/06/2003, 12:44 AM
Has anyone hardwired one in their VX yet?

With my plans of fabbing an XBox system (with use of the DVD player within) into the VX, I am confronted with the use of a power inverter. Most likely a 700 watt. Now, I imagine this will call for upgrading the battery, but what about the alternator? Would it be a good idea to keep that in mind also? I had done this years ago in a custom van I worked on, but am unsure of the perfect outfitting for the VX.

My 2 questions are....

Are there any good suggestions for a battery (I suspect I am looking to go with a heavy marine battery)?

Will the stock alternator suffice with the upgraded battery?

05/06/2003, 11:24 AM
I have on set up under tha passanger seat for my ps2. I have it wired to the power supply from my sound system. I do have an optima red top, but my inverter has a switch on it so it isnt always on.

Ive taken long road trips (hours) with the invertor on, and enjoy some gameplay on my lunch at work without any problems to date.

Hope i was of some help, if anything you know where we're at :D


05/06/2003, 02:10 PM
Sweet. I was thinking of going with Optima, but just wasnt so sure about it's usage with an inverter. Hearing it works out well for you, it is almost a definate on my list now. Thanks.