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  • gonzo7231's Avatar
    08/30/2017, 01:56 PM
    I am parting out a rolled 2001 Kaiser. Engine/tranny are gone as well as front seats. Everything else up for grabs. If you are looking for anything ping me and I will let you know for sure if I have it. I considered doing a chop top since that's...
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  • diontje's Avatar
    09/15/2017, 05:44 PM
    Hi! I need help purchasing new wheels and tires and was hoping someone could help. Basically, all I want are beefier tires that noticeably stand out (wider) just a little from the car's body. I was hoping to do this without a lift or I think...
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  • Stephen Biko's Avatar
    08/22/2017, 08:49 AM
    I'm a privacy freak and life is getting harder and harder for us privacy freaks. If I take my VX in to get it serviced, most of the shops want to look it up by VIN or even tag number to get part specs and the services they use to look that stuff up...
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  • Maddawg's Avatar
    08/29/2017, 10:43 AM
    Yes, I know there is another thread on this subject but a lot of the reference pages and photos end up as error 404. Just a simple question (I hope). I need to replace inner and outer CV boots, maybe CVs as well. Can the CV/Half Shaft be removed...
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  • Kuehjo's Avatar
    08/27/2017, 11:15 PM
    Kuehjo started a thread New Mexico build in Build Projects
    Aloha all! I actually own two - one on Oahu, and one I keep at my Moms in New Mexico. This build thread will be about THAT truck. So - to bring you all up to speed, this was a pretty sad truck. I rescued it off the Big Island because there was...
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  • ipd's Avatar
    08/02/2017, 10:47 AM
    ipd started a thread JDM Wheel in Wanted
    Well I thought I had a good lead on this, but I never got a response back. Looking to buy a JDM steering wheel + airbag + clockspring, etc. Plug & play wiring definitely preferred (vice having to cut/splice). Thanks! -T
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  • Blazer's Avatar
    09/10/2017, 03:10 PM
    Today I tried to address my transmission problem (slipping in 1st and 2nd). I hoped it was just low fluid, so warmed it up and opened the fill bolt. Had to add 1.5 quarts before some started coming out of the fill hole, and what spilled out was a...
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  • djvx's Avatar
    08/21/2017, 07:33 PM
    Just turned 100,000 recently YAY! yeah right.. Anyway at around 104 the TOD light stated flashing. Was driving on a washboard driveway and it went on and hasn't went off. Mechanic has ran tests and came up with needing a new ABS EBCU or whatever the...
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  • onebadtrooper's Avatar
    08/23/2017, 04:27 PM
    I've got a set I'm not going to use....out of 91 trooper. $1100.. Best to text or email me at. Or 214-784-5476 Thanks
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  • zadam123's Avatar
    08/15/2017, 06:14 AM
    I recently had a po161 code which is my oxygen sensor when I change the sensor I am now getting a po160 I tried to screw the new one in all the way but there's a very slight Gap here is a picture could this be the cause of the new code. Does it...
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  • bartmanS4's Avatar
    07/25/2017, 12:32 PM
    Brian at Lil B's Automotive in Denver still has one HD hidden winch bumper available. These replace the light weight under the cladding front bumper and provide for a mount to install a Warn 8 or Smitty 9.5 winch. I don't have a picture of mine but...
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  • Roody650i's Avatar
    08/16/2017, 05:54 PM
    Selling a few things leftover from my VX 1) OEM grille - tab is broken off on one side but it's definitely functional - again, make an offer 2) OEM headlight assembly - works as far as I know (was given to me when I bought the truck) - make an...
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  • fotomaker's Avatar
    08/18/2017, 09:32 AM
    fotomaker started a thread New Brakes in VX Talk...
    I need new brakes all around. I put R1 Concept rotors, calipers and pads on a few years ago and after 12k miles two calipers have failed and I need to do it again. Anyone go to Pep Boys or Midas or any other similar corporate behemoth for brakes....
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  • MadE247's Avatar
    07/27/2017, 07:35 AM
    1999 Ebony VX with 157,xxx Miles in Harrisonburg, VA for sale ~Any service history records?
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  • smalls23's Avatar
    07/28/2017, 03:46 PM
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  • ipd's Avatar
    09/04/2017, 06:18 PM
    ipd started a thread Feeling BLUE in VX Modifications...
    Today i put 4x 194 LED bulbs in my gauge cluster. LOVE IT. Should probably have gone with purple...but still, I like it. Does anyone have a write-up on how to replace the bulb in the gear shift? I'd like to make it match. p.s. If anyone...
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  • germfreewings's Avatar
    08/03/2017, 09:34 AM
    My ABS light is on and the shop says the EBCM failed. Does anyone have one to sell. Or know if they're cross compatible with any other cars?
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  • VXjunky's Avatar
    08/01/2017, 08:32 AM
    VXjunky started a thread white buffalo in VX Sightings...
    curious to know who the current care taker of the one off white buffalo is
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  • DrJasB's Avatar
    09/03/2017, 10:23 AM
    DrJasB started a thread Wiper arms wanted in Wanted
    Need 2 wiper arms for 1999 Vehicross
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  • tysamigo's Avatar
    07/31/2017, 01:08 PM
    Hey everyone... I am posting for my good friend Jason Mooney. He has been 3D Printing parts for us for many years now. Unfortunately he has to sell his VX. It is an Ironman and in GREAT condition. He asked me to post in this group and in the...
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  • ZeroSix's Avatar
    08/02/2017, 06:59 PM
    Alrighty, I am missing a headliner. I will trade you one for a set of yakima roof racks (OEM). Trade must include / arrange shipping to 60188 or meet. I can pickup if shipped by land or freight by the zipor chicagoland. I will not sell yet as...
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  • JoFotoz's Avatar
    08/23/2017, 06:17 PM
    SOLD 2001 PROTON VX for sale...$2700 Hopefully for a re-engine..or lots of excellent parts. Has Junk/scrapped title but can be re-registered. California car... Badly Blown Engine , basically NO RUST. Paint is fried, but good from 20 ft !...
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  • Kuehjo's Avatar
    08/28/2017, 12:32 AM
    Aloha all! Had a mishap with a bad tire, and it took out my passenger-side front fender. The fender itself is ok, but the cladding will need to be replaced. I'd be looking to ship to New Mexico (87062) Thanks!! Jonathan (808) 347-8287
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  • ipd's Avatar
    09/09/2017, 05:44 AM
    Ok, so far my searches on this site have turned up info that is fleeting at best--regarding the JDM steering-wheel swap. Nearly all the pics are gone (too old) so I don't have much to compare to. My VX stock wheel has a MALE connector on the...
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