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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/29/2023, 01:19 PM
    All the freezing and thawing this year really took a toll on the concrete repair Salt Lake City just outside our heated garage. It was lightly pitted before and is starting to crumble in areas. Any advice in how a guy can fix this. I'm thinking...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/26/2023, 12:47 AM
    Hello I was wanting to setup a new flooring company, from my experience so far working on commercial sites, the subies were never allowed to fit it. The main contactor always took in a flooring company to supply and fit. I think it was becasue the...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/25/2023, 06:06 AM
    I'm buying an airless sprayer because of all of the large painting and staining projects I have in my future. I was going to buy the Graco X7 after seeing the Idaho painter on Youtube review it. I understand that it is a consumer grade tool. While...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/23/2023, 10:24 PM
    Hi all We are in the process of selling our house (to property investors) and buying another. The house we are buying, although it is habitable, needs to have a good clean and paint job really before we move in our furniture move in cleaning 30a. I...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/22/2023, 06:25 AM
    Hi there, We just bought a house which has a driveway coating removal Brisbane that looks like it was resurfaced with something, probably to cover the cracked concrete underneath. Anyways that something is now crumbling and lifting in places, so it...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/22/2023, 04:24 AM
    Been browsing the sub recently since this is suddenly important to me, but what would you folks recommend for someone suddenly needing to go to a dentist. I dont have dental insurance or a lot of money so the college of dentistry sounds decent to...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/22/2023, 12:05 AM
    Hey guys, I am in the process of redoing my garage. I'm debating on tiles vs epoxy. I prefer the look of tiles but am worried about moisture getting trapped underneath. I live in the Chicagoland area so will be tracking in snow garage flooring...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/20/2023, 10:06 PM
    We are in the process of a new build with a polished concrete gympie floor. The slab has been recently laid and due to problems with it probably being let to cure too quickly, it's badly cracked. The builders want the option of filling the cracks...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/20/2023, 05:41 PM
    OK, I need a cram course on what to put on the garage floor of a new house. the cement will be about 4-5 months old if that matters, and it will be in Florida. The homebuilder says the epoxy flooring Atlanta is $3.50 Sq. Ft. I don't know the...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/17/2023, 05:19 AM
    Accidents can occur anytime, anywhere! However, we should take the necessary steps to avoid such unfortunate incidents. Safety is always a top priority, especially in industrial environments where uneven flooring can lead to slips and falls and...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/17/2023, 12:16 AM
    Hi, We're planning a self-build with an insulated EPS foundation and UFH on top of polished concrete jacksonville, of the floor slab. Does anyone know if we can polish this floor slab up to make a polished concrete floor? and does this work out...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/16/2023, 04:17 AM
    Any one recommend a good Python development course? Something to teach me the essentials, get me coding to some basic level but most importantly as quick as possible. I'm not a developer I'm a DevOps engineer if that makes a difference.
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  • Avem7's Avatar
    03/15/2023, 11:28 PM
    Does anybody knows where i can get torsion Bars for the VX? It looks like Indy4X does not carry them anymore and are listed as SOLD OUT INDEFINITELY . I have been looking online everywhere but i cant find where to get them.. Does anybody knows?
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  • xorayik's Avatar
    03/10/2023, 11:50 PM
    xorayik replied to a thread Moab Engagement !!!! in Chit-Chat ...
    want to plan wedding invitation help me! Wedding Invitations Australia
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/09/2023, 11:37 PM
    I'm still relatively new to medical usage and I have some questions about etiquette and legality. Where to vape? Obviously - outside, as I rent. But is it appropriate to do so on my back deck when I have upstairs neighbors? Do I have to take a walk...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/08/2023, 10:05 PM
    After considering epoxy and cement-based leveling for my shop floor, I'm now thinking maybe all I need is to grind it and seal it. I can rent an Edco 2-wheel grinder locally for $150/day. I figure I'd need to remove about 1/8" on average over the...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/08/2023, 07:15 PM
    Okay so this is not baby related, but yesterday I slammed my finger in the door and broke my real and acrylic nail ripped off. I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure what to do! Should I let it grow out or should I go and get the acrylic...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/08/2023, 01:11 PM
    Can anyone suggest an adhesive for sticking expanded poly to steel or Thermopore Sheet In Pakistan? Panel adhesive won't work because the solvent type attacks the poly and the solvent free doesn't work because neither material is porous.
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/07/2023, 01:27 PM
    My new garage is almost done and I want the brand new concrete floor coated before either of the following occurs: a)winter arrives or b) I have to change oil/tranny fluid/hydro fluid/etc and do an Exon Valdez all over the floor. No, I’m not going...
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  • richard777's Avatar
    03/06/2023, 02:09 PM
    Seeking wisdom regarding garage/shop floor coating/painting. House is nearly complete epoxy floor coatings cape coral, I am going to epoxy/polyurea paint the garage floor. If you have done this and would be inclined to share your experience and...
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